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Tattoo art has long been considered taboo in society. As a matter of fact, some countries continue to condemn those with tattoos on their skin, with some even going as far as branding them as “criminals” and “outcasts.” Yet despite these unfair labels and prejudice, these individuals have made extraordinary contributions to society, especially in making the community better. One such inspiring individual involved in meaningful civic engagements is Richard Pis. 

Also known as Ricky G, the remarkable man is widely recognized as a celebrity tattoo artist. As a bonafide champion of the arts, he has also dabbled in several other artistic endeavors, such as being an actor, stuntman, model, voice-over talent, musical artist, and painter. However, more than his undeniable love for creating beautiful art, what truly makes him such an upstanding person is his passion for helping and purpose-driven vision.

In fact, the philanthropist is heavily invested in various charitable institutions seeking to give back to underprivileged communities, especially those that advocate for kids. For example, he has done numerous fundraisers and back-to-school backpack drives. On top of that, he goes out of his way to volunteer to empower children with disabilities and autism by teaching them how to create art. 

Aside from these impressive efforts, Ricky G has also found a way to utilize his art in his advocacy of inspiring and helping others. Specifically, the dedicated man has collaborated with Ark of Hope for Children, where he volunteered his gift of tattooing to do coverups for victims of human trafficking. 

Moreover, he recently teamed up with Miami Power Team founder and president Miguel Sanchez. Alongside them are public servants Mayor Esteban Bovo Jr of Hialeah, Florida and Mayor Roberto Martell of Medley, Florida. Together, the dynamic group of like-minded individuals organized an event showcasing disabled kids’ art. They also held a silent auction where Ricky G and other beloved local artists donated their time and paintings to help raise money for these kids.

When asked what motivates him to pursue such noble endeavors actively, the insightful man profoundly shared, “When you have the right attitude, you can look at your situation, no matter how challenging it may seem, and make it through it victoriously with just the right bit of inspiration and positivity. I have been blessed in my tough times through my upbringing to have art be that outlet for me to help overcome my obstacles; therefore, I feel it’s only right to share my story and help others so they know they are not alone as sometimes we just need to be able to relate and get a little push. That’s what has driven me to give back. It’s rewarding and a great feeling knowing you inspired someone and helped them through their darkness.”

Ricky G is a testament that being an outstanding member of society is not dictated by one’s appearance and profession. Each person has the capacity for empathy and the ability to help others in any way possible. As such, the admirable man remains steadfast in his vision and will continue to give back to the community and make it a better place, especially for the youth.

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