With a specialized approach to business growth, Charles Hearn turns failing businesses into cashflow-producing machines.

Every business owner wants to position their business for growth, but since every company encounters different challenges and opportunities, some grow, others stagnate, and many fail. Renowned business turnaround expert Charles Hearn offers his best advice and expertise to help failing businesses rise from the ashes and into cashflow powerhouses.

Charles started as a marketing expert and designer with interest in business turnarounds when he created Hearn Media. At the start of his career, Charles designed the logo for the Ignite brand by Dan Bilzerian, a company now worth more than 100 million dollars. Seeing this, his interest in investing in businesses to help them scale new heights grew, and he pivoted his career into the business consulting space. He is now a rising star, angel investor, and business turnaround expert doing more than just marketing and design for entrepreneurs. His growing recognition across industries has put Hearn Media on the map.

Hearn Media, a business consulting and investing company, helps businesses regain their fading glory and scale new heights. Hearn Media works with companies to identify, create and execute sustainable solutions and provide business investments that guarantee continued growth. With Charles Hearn’s business and marketing expertise, Hearn Media has grown into a renowned company that is handholding businesses across industries.

According to Charles Hearn, the key to business growth lies in creating and executing practical strategies that reflect the company’s core values. With this understanding, Charles is helping businesses implement the core elements of business growth and redefine their current practices and progress.

Charles’ passion for helping businesses achieve their goals has set him on a mission to create and curate consulting services that put companies on a path to success. He also invests in business education to help entrepreneurs identify common pitfalls that could drag them down and how to avoid them. The evolution of Hearn Media has been a necessary pivot that has brought businesses out of their ruts and onto the fast track to incredible success.

Hearn Media begins by auditing businesses to identify areas needing improvement and gauge the investment required. By filling in a form on Hearn Media’s website, entrepreneurs unlock a world of new possibilities for their brands. Charles believes that good business advice can save many entrepreneurs from a lot of trouble. Most businesses tend to fail within their first couple of years, but with an angel investor like Charles, who also provides consulting expertise and education, many entrepreneurs can avoid this fate.

Charles helps identify issues of ineffective marketing and poor understanding of business processes and industry to position businesses as authorities in their niche. This unlocks their growth potential, turning them into cashflow giants.

Thanks to the growth of technology and the digital era, business consultants like Charles can share business advice online. Follow Charles Hearn on social media or apply for a transformative business consult with Hearn Media.  

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