Acclaimed Tutoring Founder Russ Hanush Launches New Book ‘Harnessing Your 7 Senses’ 1
Parents and students alike look forward to finding innovative ways to learn as they put their trust in Hanush’s extensive tutoring experience.

Acclaimed Tutoring Founder Russ Hanush Launches New Book ‘Harnessing Your 7 Senses’ 2

Learning has continuously evolved over the years especially today when the world is operating in a post-pandemic era. Students require a holistic approach to grasping different concepts while juggling multiple school demands.

Trusted academic “The Professor” Russ Hanush understands the challenges of today’s learning environment and is even more motivated to teach math and science and help give students more confidence in taking those subjects. Russ (as he prefers to be called) has been tutoring Math and Science for over 16 years through his company Acclaimed Tutoring. “I’m always thrilled to share my knowledge with students to help them become happier and more successful in their academic endeavors,” said Hanush.

Aside from his distinguished background as a researcher in nuclear physics and chemical kinetics, he also has several peer-reviewed publications on topics ranging from analytic chemistry to engineering – and he is also the inventor of The Periodic Table of Dimensions “which does for physics with measurements what the periodic table of elements does for chemistry with the elements.”

His extensive experience has allowed him to gather insights, especially on how to better engage with students for them to better appreciate the process of learning. Today, he launched his book entitled Harnessing Your 7 Senses which is already available on Amazon. He elaborates on how to utilize all the senses for students to get the most out of learning while having fun. This is perfect for parents who are teaching their children and not making the whole experience burdening for them. Interested readers can get a free copy at!

Several clients have expressed their gratitude and admiration for Hanush, highlighting his brilliance and work ethic. Their testimonials can be found on the Acclaimed Tutoring website at “I opened this business in 2006 to help the underprivileged and underrepresented gain a voice through education and research,” Hanush shared. His services focus on the top three areas that college admissions offices look at which are good grades, tough courses, and outstanding admissions test scores.

Hanush continues to equip entire generations of families, from middle school through college, with the best academic experience he can provide as a family-oriented college prep tutor. He uses a holistic approach that focuses on doing well in classes as the best preparation for admission tests to get into the best colleges. Now, he is expanding his influence with his new book so that he can reach more families and students aiming to get more out of their education.

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Acclaimed Tutoring is the rebranded entity of STEM Academics & Physics Phor Phun Tutoring that offers help with the toughest classes, supplementary coursework, testing strategies, and standardized test preparation. Their promise is “A happier, more confident, more successful student, guaranteed!”

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