Aki Technologies Turns Art Basel into the ‘New CES’ for Brands 1

Leader in personalized advertising presents Advant-garde, an event for brands to experience the metaverse, AI imagery, and a marriage of art and technology.

Aki Technologies, an Inmar Intelligence company and the leader in moment marketing and advertising personalization, announced its presence at Art Basel, Miami. On December 2, the company will be activating “Advant-garde: Advertising, Creative and Technology of Tomorrow,” an exclusive event for Aki’s advisory council members and top advertising partners.

The private event will host a range of brands across different verticals including CPG, Adult Beverage, Automotive, Travel and Tourism, and more. These brands will have exclusive access to first-look alpha and beta advertising products planned for 2023 release. Similar industry-shaping product releases are typically reserved for trade shows such as CES.

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Announcements include enhancements to the recently released CTV ONE, and new personalization and social offerings, celebrated with the event’s attendance of social creators including:
• Alexa Abril (@alexa.abril), a creator who is the head buyer for Market Boutique, with boutiques all over Miami
• Laura M Vila (@lauramvila), a creator who posts about life, style, & everything in between.

Additional talent who will be showcasing at the Advant-garde event include:
• Jack Myers, a Media Ecologist and Founder of Mediavillage
• Faith Popcorn, futurist to the Fortune 500 and CEO of Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve
• Shawn Gold, a former media creative, and current CEO of Pilgrim Soul
• Kate Brady, Senior Director, Next Gen DTC Connections & Innovation within PepsiCo
• Rolando Aedo, the Chief Operating Officer of Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

Aki is honoring the Art Basel backdrop and celebrating its next phase of personalization technology with an AI-generated virtual gallery and Metaverse immersion for brands, which can be accessed in Miami or remotely through a VR headset. Aki commissioned AI artist Kyle Hailey to generate AI artwork for the in-person brands and select remote guests to browse during the event. Prior to the event, clients shared responses to prompts like: “What are your three favorite visual artists?” “What’s your favorite color?” and “What’s your favorite era?” Hailey used the prompts to generate unique images for each participant. Metaverse developer Remio integrated these images into a virtual art gallery that can be accessed via VR headsets and browsed during the event.

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“We couldn’t think of a more perfect backdrop than the highly creative landscape at Art Basel,” said Stephanie Bunnell, SVP of Marketing at Aki Technologies. “Artists are increasingly an inspiration for new media that spans advertising and marketing. Some of the boldest and brightest ideas are supported by technology that artists discover, champion, and apply to create beautiful and meaningful connection points culturally. We are delighted that brands are tuning into this valuable artist landscape to elevate the advertising industry at large.”

“We’re thrilled companies like Aki Technologies are looking to Greater Miami as a hub for inspiration and innovation,” said Rolando Aedo, COO of Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, “Greater Miami, particularly during Art Basel, is the perfect backdrop for brands and technology companies looking to have meaningful experiences and conversations that drive their business forward.”

Exclusive first looks, immersive creative experiences and the artistic inspiration of Art Basel will poise Advant-garde as the premier launch event of 2023 innovations.

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