ThirdPoint U has been developed by the blockchain engineers of ThirdPoint, a world-renowned US hedge fund company, based on decentralisation, big data, artificial intelligence and Nanotechnology. Known as the new generation of financial crystals, Nano Arbitrage 3.0 carries ThirdPoint U’s determination to explore and penetrate the value of Web 3.0. The creation of the third generation of the nano-arbitrage program has redefined the value of the financial business and rewritten the traditional pattern of decentralised finance, with renowned auditors commenting that ThirdPoint U is the beginning of a new blockchain era of profitability.

The unique revenue model and distribution mechanism determine that it is a progressive model that is perfectly adapted to Web 3.0. Moreover, it achieves the integration of intelligent big data and digital assets, which makes nano-arbitrage highly efficient and stable intelligent operation with the valued support of the application, which gives strong backing on the value of Third Point U for the long-term.

First, Global innovation in nano-arbitrage with Third Point U

All data, algorithms, and rules are on the chain, transparent and untamperable. The program strictly implements the will of the Third Point U trading strategy team and ensures a truly profitable value proposition by practising group decision-making.

It incorporates a combination of big data and artificial intelligence technologies, allowing for the smart arbitrage of CEX/ DEX/ USDT pairs across multiple currencies, bringing together Third Point U’s vision of profitable decentralised finance. The profit margin generated by nano-arbitrage technology is penetrating. Each paired pair of trades is based on continuous intelligent tuning and upgrading of the program by the risk control and strategy teams. As artificial intelligence continues to learn from the trading data in the database, the program can detect and accelerate positions to close trades in a timely manner by sleeplessly and intelligently scanning the real-time hash of trades on the live chain or the real-time spreads created by the major exchange pairs. For investors who believe in and support Third Point U’s ability to create wealth with confidence!

It is expected that more new digital financial facilities will be introduced into the industrial system in parallel with the further development of decentralised finance in the twenty-first century. This new kind of finance will promote “common prosperity” and a high level of human development, reflecting the essence of socialism in the new era. Therefore, the reward for inviting relationships between teams is a guarantee for all members to maximise their own interests.

Third Point U’s nano-arbitrage program enables users to stake USDT for income at rates of up to six to ten percent per day, which provides an avenue for members to increase the value of their crypto assets. It provides members with the security of adding value, eliminating the negative effects of traditional manual arbitrage, and helping staking members earn consistent returns in a cutting-edge technology.

With the thinking of decentralized finance, Third Point U continues to innovate the application form of arbitrage program, transforming the consensus power of members into a self-sufficient driving force, while returning DEFI’s finance to all members through people to people to achieve the positive resonance effect between consensus and revenue, nano and molecular revenue opened the door of decentralized finance in the Asia-Pacific market of Third Point U, thus accumulating more end-customer groups.

Secondly, Nano-arbitrage embodies Third Point U’s vision of global decentralised finance

As we all know, Nano Arbitrage is the first nano-arbitrage technology program incubated by Third Point U. The creation of Nano Arbitrage signifies the strategic layout of ThirdPoint U’s comprehensive entry into the Asia-Pacific as well as Third Point U’s unveiling of the coming era of DEFI under the global Web 3.0 infrastructure domination. It has been designed and created under the leadership of Third Point U to the greatest extent possible, with all profits and systems designed to protect the best interests of its members.

We are committed to a philosophy of true fairness, transparency, mutual wealth and sharing. With a proven operating model that has been in place for decades, coupled with a team of experienced and professional people working for the benefit of our members. As ThirdPoint U began to take its first steps, an ultimate nano-arbitrage program was born. The era of Web 3.0 is accelerating under the catalyst of arbitrage ecology, which will bring us to the new digital finance and the starry sea of Web 3.0. Let us journey together towards the new era via nano arbitrage. More info add TG @gary688

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