How Loomi is Helping Nigerian Parents Living Abroad Save Thousands on Tuition 1
Experience alternative, fun learning designed for the Nigerian child in diaspora who explores boundaries

With more students needing extra support in their studies, the demand for online tutoring has skyrocketed. However, its costs can be overwhelming, especially for parents living in diaspora. A recent market research has proven that parents spend between $40-50 per hour hiring a within-country tutor. More particularly, the cost of traditional tutoring for Nigerian parents living abroad is between $35 to $45 per hour.

Knowing that this isn’t the most consistent and affordable arrangement for many parents – who simply don’t want to break the bank doing the best for their kids – Loomi Education made it its mission to help hundreds of Nigerian parents living in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia save incredible amounts on their kids’ tutoring. With Loomi’s expert and empathetic local Nigerian/African tutors, children also get to connect to their roots while getting expert learning that is based on the curriculum of the country they live in.

What makes Loomi different from other online tutoring or learning platforms is its price protection, flexibility, and affordability. Once parents sign up for a subscription plan, changes to prices that may occur as a result of changes to Forex rates will not take effect for a period of 60 days. This means that if parents sign up their children for a class at $20 per week, they will be charged the same amount even if exchange rates increase.

Parents will also have access to a dashboard for vacation breaks and are allowed to temporarily pause their subscriptions and reschedule/cancel classes for free at no extra cost. Loomi ensures there are no hidden charges for its programs.

Today, Loomi offers over 100 live, interactive classes designed for various class levels, ages, and interests. These include subjects on Coding & Tech, Arts & Craft, English, Life Skills, and STEM Skills. All classes are done online and are taught with signature live teaching techniques that are one of a kind, tested, safe, and guided by educators with amazing track records.

How Loomi is Helping Nigerian Parents Living Abroad Save Thousands on Tuition 2

Throughout the years, Loomi has not only made tuition support affordable for Nigerian/African parents living in diaspora but has also empowered children with education that appeals to their interests, encourages them to lead their learning, and fosters a lifetime love of learning.

“Moving abroad has come with its challenges for me as a working mum and my two beautiful daughters. Loomi has stepped in and done amazingly for the kid’s learning,” shares Mrs. Mrs Oyindamola A., one of Loomi’s happy parents.

“My kids have been able to build friendships with other Nigerian kids as themselves within a really short time. They look forward to being in their live classes, learning new things about their history, identity, and how important they are to the world,” adds Mrs Ezinne J.

On top of that, 20% of Loomi’s profit goes to support out-of-school children through the United 4 Education and Grace Foundation NGO. These organizations supply textbooks, uniforms, and tuition fees to reduce the millions of economically disadvantaged school children all over the world.

Those who want to check out Loomi can get 14-day trial classes before they even decide to sign up. During this time, learners can access hundreds of live classes across a wide range of topics. Try Loomi now by visiting

How Loomi is Helping Nigerian Parents Living Abroad Save Thousands on Tuition 3

About Loomi Education

Loomi Education came from humble beginnings as a local tutoring company offering subject-based in-person learning support for Nigerian children in the diaspora. Founded in 2018 with less than five tutors, the team has now grown into a network of more than 300 expert tutors spread out in major cities in Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

And while 82% of them are Nigerians, Loomi also has expert tutors from South Africa, Kenya, The Gambia and Cote D’Ivoire – all of which are supported and mentored by teachers, tutors, and curriculum experts in the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US. Its local tutors have offered approximately 12,000 learning hours of support to learners from diverse backgrounds and contributed majorly to their academic development.

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