CELUVPLAY Reorganizes the ‘NerdiMoodi’ Homepage Renewal 1
Revolutionary live streaming blockchain project, CELUVPLAY, announces the revamp of the NERDi MOODi website following the release of “NERDi MOODi GENESIS NFT”

The brains behind CELUVPLAY’s NERDi MOODi website have again taken a giant step towards delivering the best experience to blockchain enthusiasts following a recent announcement of a complete revamp of the homepage. The move is in line with the release of “NERDi MOODi GENESIS NFT” as reiterated by a statement from an official of the company.

The newly revamped homepage has significantly improved user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).” – a CELUVPLAY official said. “In particular, the webtoon, the roadmap, and the NFT galleries are easily understood, and mining and staking have been added.”

In a similar vein, there is an addition of a “responsive website” system optimized by UI according to devices used by homepage visitors, enabling users to automatically access home page screens optimized for various devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

The CELUVPLAY Discord channel has announced plans to hold a “Call me CELUV” event for new Discord users to celebrate the new website. The event is held every week, and community OG and WL can be obtained through participation in the event.

The “Call me CELUV” event aims to celebrate the community and its members while sharing their daily lives with one another. Participants can receive OG and WL through a lottery, with winners getting a unique profile image produced by CELUVPLAY. Members registered as OG members and WL-holding members have revealed that mining and staking are possible on the new NERDi MOODi website.

“We will continue to hold various events related to CELUVPLAY mining and are preparing to launch NFT,” and added, “We expect to create greater synergy in networking and technology through strategic alliances with Polygon Studios.” – a CELUVPLAY official said.

To learn more about NERDi MOODi and the features of the project, visit – http://nerdimoodi.io/. The campaign for the NERDi MOODi” Project also continues across social media, including Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.

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