EIZI launches its revolutionary smart electric toothbrush with 6 vibration modes for all needs 1

EIZI, the revolutionary smart electric toothbrush, is making waves in the dental hygiene industry. Combining the latest technological advancements with modern design, EIZI packs a punch when it comes to oral care.

EIZI features six vibration modes that cater to all types of teeth. You can choose the mode you want according to your personal situation or habits. The combination of powerful torque and sonic vibrations ensures deep cleaning between teeth and removes plaque more effectively than manual brushing. In clinical tests, EIZI removed 98% of plaque from users’ teeth in just one brushing session.

”Our brush head will automatically count the number of times of use. After the count reaches 180 times, the screen will remind you to replace the brush head. It can only be counted as one time when the brush head vibration time is more than 30s,” said the founder of EIZI. ”The data of the bristles will be stored for 1 year, (t will start to count the times when you first use it. You use this brush head at any time during the year and the toothbrush will remind you of the number of times remaining.”

EIZI is famed for combining high-tech function with elegant product appearance. This is because the company’s core production services is enshrined in developing the functions and simplifying the design of its products, a prerequisite they used on the versatile Smart Electric Toothbrush. ”It encourages us to keep improving our products in order to meet various needs from our customers”, declared the CEO of EIZI.

The innovative brush head is designed for maximum efficiency. Its curved shape helps reach deeper into crevices and hard-to-reach areas, thereby removing more plaque for a healthier, brighter smile. The soft bristles are gentle on the gums and provide superior comfort during brushing.

EIZI is equipped with an AMOLED HD color screen. 40+ personalized interfaces display brushing data. 7 personalized wallpapers for you to change. You can also change the color of the toothbrush light ring.

With EIZI, you can easily track your brushing habits. The brush connects via Bluetooth with the EIZI mobile app which generates a custom brushing report. This report provides useful insights on how often you brush your teeth, which areas require more attention, and how long you should brush.

EIZI is the perfect companion for your dental hygiene needs. It is the most convenient and efficient way to keep your teeth healthy and sparkling clean.

”Our team is an all-around team. We have our own designers and our own R&D team, and because of this, we are very passionate about creating new products. The research and development process is very hard, but the result is very fulfilling. After several months of exploration, we finally made a toothbrush that satisfies us. We are also happy to listen to your suggestions, welcome to leave your suggestions in the message area”, said the CEO.

To know more about The Versatile Smart Electric Toothbrush, check out the company’s page on Kickstarter.

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