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Radhaa Publishing House announces the release of Infinite Cosmic Records: Doorways to Healing & Remembering on Kindle. This book is based on the original modality by Maya Verzonilla, aka Maya The Shaman. This book shares the powerful modality of Infinite Cosmic Records and experiencers who share their incredible journeys into the Records. Your guide is Maya The Shaman. Born in Maharlika, the Philippines, from a lineage of Shamans and Healers of the ancient land of Mu or Lemuria. Living most of her life in America, Maya sees the ailing need of the West to be provided with a superior healing modality from the East; cutting-edge technology of our Modern world is now here. As we evolve, new healing energy technologies are available to us. These innovative sacred healing methods are based on the icon Maya termed “HBR,” meaning ‘Heart’ centered healing that ‘Bridge’ the ancient past to the current healing needs through the art of ‘Remembering.’ Infinite Cosmic Records is a branch of the Lemurian Code Healing modality created by Maya. 

Maya The Shaman, aka Maya Verzonilla, is an Energy Healer, Shaman, Soul Medicine Woman, and Author of several collaborative books. Maya is an innovative and Modern Shaman Energy healer. She’s the Author of multiple collaborative book series Awakening Starseeds Volumes 1, 2, 3, Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™, bestseller Energy Healing & Soul Medicine, and her Healing Modality Infinite Cosmic Records: Doorways of Healing & Remembering. Maya, The Shaman, is born in Maharlika (known as the Philippines) from a lineage of Shamans and Healers. Living most of her life in America, Maya sees the ailing need of the West to be provided with healing from the East. Lemurian Code Healing & Infinite Cosmic Records are both her original healing modalities. These are Maya’s original sacred healing methods based on ‘Heart’ centered healing that ‘Bridges’ the ancient past to the current healing needs of humanity through the art of ‘Remembering.’ Her clients found her offering a unique healing work and were asked to teach. Maya is the founder of Lemurian Code Academy, where she teaches her healing modalities. 

Maya was also featured in several documentary films along with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and other speakers aligned with healing and transforming our world. The film “CURE” was produced by actress Sharon Stone and directed by French Hollywood Director Emmanuel Itier. Similarly, another film Maya participated in is “Guns, Bombs, and War: A Love Story” — a film on how our world has obsession and love for war and violence. As critical thinking movers and shakers, we question such acts of crime against humanity and find creative ways to stop these dark and destructive projected realities into our world. Maya’s involvement in these films is to help humanity heal and move forward into peace toward a healthy future, free from human suffering, fear, and destruction. Instead, she hopes to generate abundance, creativity, healing, and harmony on Earth.

Her Mission is to assist in liberating human souls from the distorted and fragmented realms caused by the blanket of Darkness that spread in our planetary matrix, a crucial timeline for humanity to awaken and heal. Maya reminds us of the 26 thousand years of each Cosmic cycle. From Kali Yuga, the Age of Darkness, we are entering the Age of Truth and Light, Satya Yuga, and currently, we are in a Transition period called Yuga Sandhi. As we cross the tunnel of Darkness, we are being embraced by the Cosmic Light of our Creator to reach our destiny, which leads us to the Golden Age. Through the velocity of Awakening and Healing, our most awaited ascension to the Golden Age shall manifest – with sovereignty, freedom, and abundance for all. We are co-creators of this Universe and held by the safekeeping of our highest intentions to come back home in love, light, and peace. Maya is your Lemurian Shamanic guide to finding your path back home.

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Have you experienced a timeline where you can be transported to portals of doorways where you can revisit your past, present, or future lives? Like movies rewinding time and space continuum reality, seeing and meeting your guides, and receiving relevant messages for you? Or meet your star families and even be stunned to see yourself at the edge of the world viewing the cosmos in its majestic composure – even found God and bliss? It sounds like a fantasy fiction story, but in this book, the mystic seekers are real people with real stories who had seen their complex lives during their Infinite Cosmic Records experience with Maya. Are you ready to experience yours?

What Clients Say About Working with Maya: 

“Maya is a knowledgeable healer. You’ll feel safely guided while exploring the inner caverns of your soul’s guidance. You’ll be in great hands. What stood out the most was her vast array of experience and techniques. She has so many unique and varied tools in her magic toolbox. Her confidence and grace were commendable; she’s a gifted healer, a revered Shaman”. – Lori Roddey

“Maya, for me, is a channel that has been given to us by source as a living example of our ancestral medicine and its connection with all its variants. She is a Divine Feminine, Shaman, and Medicine Woman. I greatly respect and gratitude for her services, example, and dedication. Her essence speaks louder than her words, as the divine presence directs all. I recommend the experience 100%, and I feel grateful. For me, infinite Cosmic Records are a journey towards infinity that lives within each one of us. A guided meditation trip that you connect with different scenarios from past lives and subconscious-level memories. The experience transports you to ground zero, out of the concept of time in this dimension. This journey does not end with the session. As soon as the session is complete, you notice how you have opened doors to very deep levels of your being, and the adventure begins through dreams, downloads, music, and thoughts. You are making conjectures from experiences, connecting with your identity, essence, and every detail that makes you whole. I recommend this experience to anyone looking for meaning and direction in their spiritual journey, open to unlearning and learning new perspectives and expanding their life experience without prejudice and expectations for greater enjoyment and results.” – Yarimar Valle Andújar.

“There’s times where your intuition nudges you to say no or yes and whenever I talk to Maya, it’s like it’s screaming Yes, and my mental mind is trying to catch up to that feeling and discover why. I think it’s because there is this truth, and she is this beautiful channel for this sacred knowledge to come through from and heal throughout. Like that feeling you get when you have felt something before, so passionately and for so long, but had never heard anyone else talk about it, and then hearing someone describe those exact feelings, is what it’s like talking to Maya; I can almost feel her letting the words come that she feels need to come with a sense of divine truth and cosmic integrity as if my spirit guides were auditing her every word. I never realize how much pain I hold onto until I start talking about it. Exploring some of my upbringings with Maya was gut-wrenching & it was hard to breathe or speak or hold back the quiver in my voice and the tears in my eyes. Feeling very thankful for Maya at the end of it all as always and very light literally.” – Alex S.

“Maya the Shaman is an excellent guide. I felt completely held and safe within the portal. I could let go and experience what was happening on a very real and visceral level. I often find it hard to do this when someone is guiding me. Up to this session with Maya, I had been unable to allow myself to see and not feel myself judging or ridiculing my every word. I had only been able to have profound experiences like this with pre-recorded material. I was unable to get out of my way during a live session. But with Maya, I trusted what I was observing and seeing with my third eye. I absolutely and highly recommend booking a session for anyone wanting to gain clarity or healing of a particular experience or past life’s timeline. This experience has changed me and given me confidence in myself beyond what I can say with mere words. I am forever grateful to Maya.” – Blossom Rountree.

Infinite Cosmic Records is a heart-centered healing modality based on the science of intuition. It’s Shamanism to your doorways of divine remembering who you are, bridging the gaps between your past, present, and future lives. Created by Maya the Shaman: Grab your Kindle Pre-Sale of Infinite Cosmic Records for just $3.33 – HERE:

Enjoy the authentic stories shared in Infinite Cosmic Records clients were contributed by:  Neil Gaur, Danielle Scheck, Lori Santo, Susan Reed, Michael Barrios, Chris Wasko, Iain Mclain, Lori Roddey, Yarimar Valle Andújar, Gina Harris, Sebastian Rise, Kory Muniz, Alexander Sucala, Alana Starr, Raziel Arcega, Blossom Rountree, Karel Bugia, & Radhaa Nilia.

Radhaa Publishing House is a holistic publishing company. We focus on heart-centered, mind-expanding, transformative stories by authors worldwide. We also specialize in collaborative book series by supporting our Author’s gifts on the sacred journey of storytelling. RPH aims to awaken, transform, and elevate our readers globally by sharing our Author’s work. Radhaa Publishing House proudly presents Infinite Cosmic Records: Doorways to Healing & Remembering.

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