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Trails Carolina provides nature-based therapy for teens and preteens. Therapy and adventure continue year-round. Many parents wonder what the program looks like during the winter months and how programming differs from other seasons.

Winter In North Carolina

Winters in North Carolina are relatively mild. Highs are typically in the 40s, although dips in temperatures and inclement weather do occur.

The program uses a transitional model, moving between outdoor adventures and a base camp. This model allows groups to return to base camp as needed to adapt to weather conditions.

Transitional Model

Trails Carolina uses a transitional treatment model to help students learn to apply therapeutic skills in diverse scenarios. In daily life, youth may meet obstacles and opportunities in various settings: at school, at home, in their community, and with their peers. Each environment has its own benefits and challenges.

If people learn to function well in only one environment, they will struggle when encountering other environments. Transitional models and nature-based therapy help individuals learn resiliency, a key factor in being able to overcome and adapt to life’s challenges.

Transition is a part of life, particularly during the teen years. The staff at Trails Carolina understand this, and have structured the program with intentional transitions to support youth as they move through this stage of life.

Base Camp and Wilderness Experiences

Trails Carolina features several residential base camps which support structure alongside outdoor expeditions to incorporate nature-based therapy and build therapeutic skill competency.   The program’s base camps are named Sky Valley and Winding Gap base camp.

Students will participate in expeditions where they spend time in the beautiful forests of North Carolina. These expeditions can last for up to 2 weeks. A trained Wilderness team will guide them, implement their treatment plan with therapist instruction, and track their treatment progress each day. Students will also learn valuable life skills, including map reading and wilderness survival skills.

At Sky Valley, groups focus on wellness and academics. Students will learn about nature, develop culinary skills, and participate in yoga and meditation.

At Winding Gap, students have a more traditional classroom experience. In addition to academic learning, they will participate in equine therapy.

Holidays With Trails Carolina

Holidays are typically a time spent with family. It’s meant to be a season of celebration, but for some families it can also be associated with painful feelings or memories. Trails Carolina focuses on healing throughout the holiday season while providing opportunities for celebration.

Each holiday, groups have special dinners to encourage festive energy and build relationships. Games and fun activities are provided and there’s a sense of playful celebration. Parents can send unique holiday cards to connect with their teens during this particular time.

Working With the Seasons

Winter season is often seen as a time to avoid the outdoors. However, each season brings unique experiences, learning, and growth opportunities.

This season is a time for students to learn that they have the strength to leave behind old patterns and prepare for new beginnings. It’s an empowering opportunity to build resilience and gratitude.

Trails Carolina assesses the weather conditions and makes programming decisions to keep students safe throughout the season. At the same time, they take advantage of the unique challenges that winter offers, and the opportunities for growth that come from them.

Trails Carolina

Trails Carolina’s program is designed for students dealing with emotional or mental struggles. The program uses a combination of residential and nature-based therapy to provide healing.

Treatment focuses on a trauma-informed approach. As the environment is safe and supportive, students can learn emotional regulation skills which help build self-confidence and resilience.

Students at Trails also learn to foster healthy relationships with family members and peers. Combined, these focus points can create long-lasting, positive change that will help individuals throughout their lives.

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