Author Dr. Krishnamoorthy (Subbu) Subramanian’s New Book “Spirituality in Practice – SiP” Is A Collection of Essays Reflecting On “How To Live With Peace And Harmony In Life?” 1
A collection of five essays forms the introductory section. Through these essays, we glide into an analytical approach, the basis for any philosophical study. Then we enter the realm of Vedic Philosophy and its relevance for harmonious and peaceful daily life.

December 27, 2022 – “Spirituality in Practice” is a collection of essays on life in general. In our rush to do better, feel better and be happy, we tend to miss a large part of who we are, what we already have and the happiness which is natural and within us all the time. When we stop, look around and “smell the roses” on hand, it becomes easier to do better in whatever we do. Good feelings and genuine happiness also come forth as naturally as the water flows downstream or the rain soaks the dry earth or plants grow on their own nourished by rainwater! This is Spirituality in Practice (SiP)!

In the end, the author hopes the reader leaves with a few takeaways: Philosophy is not abstract and metaphysical. The concepts proposed in Vedic Philosophy provide a simple and yet comprehensive framework to describe and understand anything that we wish to study or learn about. This knowledge can be adapted for a life of peace within and harmony with all that surrounds us. This knowledge can also be the framework for professional success in any field.

Many essays contain illustrations to provide a logical framework and comprehension. Each essay could be read as a stand-alone item to gain pearls of wisdom for self-development.Several essays have titles that provoke curiosity and attention of the reader on various aspects of SiP!

About The Author

Dr. Krishnamoorthy (Subbu) Subramanian grew up in Tamil Nadu and moved for further studies at Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. He pursued his graduate studies at MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA. He lives with his family in the Bay Area, CA, USA.

Through his long and successful professional career and personal life journey, he has direct experience of cultures, economic, educational, and social needs and other challenges faced by many across the globe. His interest in Philosophy started with a few lectures by Swami Chinmayananda presented at MIT in the early 70s. He took to self-study in the early 90s, which continues today and hopefully forever. He blogs at: He teaches classes for youth and adults under the theme of SiP. The author works with local organizations and conducts discussions through Jnana Yoga study groups – on Spirituality in Practice. He is the current President of AASAI (American Association for Social Advancement of India), a non-profit charitable organization.

Readers can purchase “Spirituality in Practice” by author Krishnamoorthy (Subbu) Subramanian at bookstores everywhere or online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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