ESOM Digital Quantitative Trading Platform manages more than US$3 billion in private equity funds 1

ESOM Group, its ES global digital currency quantification platform, was established in 2021. The founder, Jose E. Feliciano, is headquartered in California and currently manages more than US$3 billion in private equity funds.

At the beginning of its establishment, it received financing from Two Sigma, Vincent Viola, BAF Capital, Mayfowercapital, KIP, DelosCaptal, and tens of millions of dollars. It is one of the world’s leading digital currency quantitative trading platforms, and is committed to providing a safe, A convenient, stable, and low-cost quantitative trading platform that promotes the development of the digital economy community. The company has passed the certification of American financial institutions and holds a MSB financial license. It has independent operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Arabia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions team,ES also summarized the development in 2022 in terms of infrastructure, applications, and supervision.


The infrastructure track focuses on performance optimization, more complete service facilities, and rapid development in ecology and technology. In terms of sub-tracks, WEB3.0 head social is running into the arena, and the value of the SocialFi track is obvious. From a technical point of view, Rollup’s ecological breakthroughs, low transaction fees, and increasing throughput provide a technical foundation for application deployment. In terms of application, the multi-chain network is contributing to the explosion of DApp Chain, and further adapting to user habits to bring a better user experience. Finally, on-chain “embedded” regulation is on the agenda, and more crypto regulation is on the way. At the same time, in the future, more developing countries will adopt cryptocurrencies for payment or become national legal tender.

As the global digital economy enters the development track, ES will help the construction and development of the digital quantitative community. For digital currency quantitative traders, how to deal with the coexistence of risks and opportunities in the development of the digital economy. Investors need to evaluate projects rationally and be alert to possible illegal platforms and inducers.

ESOM Digital Quantitative Trading Platform manages more than US$3 billion in private equity funds 2 

In line with the principles of public welfare, rigor, and innovation, ES Quantitative Robot will carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation with the government, investment banks, financial institutions, etc. through various forms, and build a research platform covering a complete industrial chain such as blockchain quantitative bases. Contribute to the sustainable development of digital economy community construction.

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