When choosing a stunning Mother of the Bride dress, there are so many options to choose from. But choosing the best one can often be confusing. Follow these guidelines to help make a decision that looks stunning.

The Bride Sets the Tone

The bride’s mother is a vital wedding party member and will want to look the part, but the bride and groom set the tone for the event. Regardless of the bride’s wedding style, there is a perfect dress that complements her style and makes her look stunning, the ideal mother-of-the-bride dress is waiting. Check out Victoria Beckham’s metallic mother-of-the-groom dress is now available to buy.

Coordinate Colors 

Blending in with the bridesmaids isn’t a good idea, but colors that coordinate with the rest of the wedding party are. Traditionally, the bride’s mother chooses her dress first but keeps communications open with the groom’s mother so everyone coordinates, the bridal party has a cohesive appearance, and the mothers have dresses in their most complimentary colors. Remember, lots of pictures of the wedding party are taken, and the only person who should stand out is the bride, according to realtimecampaign.com.

Consider Body Shape

To look the absolute best on this most important day, mothers should choose a dress that is flattering to their best features and disguises those not so flattering. The most common body shapes are an “apple,” “pear,” or “straight.” Apple shapes usually have gorgeous legs, so choose a style that features the legs. Those with pear shapes can balance out their figures with beautiful necklines. Ladies with “straight” shapes look fantastic in dresses with a princess seam, wrap, or empire styles. When shopping for a dress in person, a good sales assistant can show dresses that complement all body shapes. When ordering a dress online, choose a website such as Tadashi Shoji.

Feature and Disguise

Once one has a selection of dresses that will suit one’s body shape, consider other features such as dress silhouette, necklines, sleeve length, and fabric choice. What silhouette is most flattering and fits the formality of the wedding venue; short, mid-length, or formal length? Is one self-conscious about weight? Choose a loose-fitting dress that doesn’t hug every curve, and look at more info about what styles are best for particular body shapes.

What about the neckline? Choose an appropriate neckline that tastefully displays a lovely decolletage. Smaller bust or narrow shoulders? Try a boat neck, one-shoulder, or off-the-shoulder dress to balance one’s body attractively. How about a sleeve choice? Choose a sleeveless dress for attractive, toned arms and to show them off. Consider three-quarter length or sheer long sleeves to detract attention to less attractive arms. It’s easy to choose a dress that looks stunning and a dress that everyone remembers by highlighting the best features and disguising or detracting from less favorite features, 

Choose Wisely and Look Stunning

Don’t procrastinate choosing a mother-of-the-bride dress. There’s never been a better time to be the bride’s mother. By taking plenty of time and thoughtfully considering all the choices, finding a stunningly beautiful dress everyone will love is entirely possible.

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