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Businesses invariably look for a solution that can save their time in the terms of inactive websites. Performing enormous tasks may be a time-consuming process in terms to check whether the websites are working or showing an error at opening time. Also, it may break down your work focus from all the tasks and reduce your efficiency. So, you don’t need to find out the not working domains manually since OutRight Store has recently launched a solution called “SuiteCRM Invalid Domain Detector”.

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This extension will allow you to find out invalid websites, by checking all web domains present in the CRM. This plugin will contribute a high magnitude to your business by saving a large amount of your precious time.

Features of SuiteCRM Invalid Domain Detector:-

  • Compatible with all Modules: You are free to choose any module in the CRM system. After the module selection, the extension will automatically check all the records for valid and invalid domains.
  • Separate Record for Invalid domains:  The dominant functionality of this plugin is that it has a predetermined module for those domains that have been detected and found invalid. Additionally, that module includes the proper status code and messages.
  • Choose an action option: This option gives you two choices either keep all the unaltered domains in your CRM system or remove them completely.
  • 4 Domain Variants: Invalid Domain Detector will check four variants of every domain including the one that you have added to the field. For Example, if you have added then the add-on will be,,, and
  • Check High Volume Records: Using this add-on you can not only check domains individually but also can check hundreds or thousands of records at once because of its bulk functionality.

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