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Wobot.ai is a software solution that provides the most effective way to monitor and protect your business or home. With our software, you can have up to eight cameras on one screen, and use our HD video to identify potential risks.

Video intelligence management systems have helped several industries manage and enhance their security infrastructures and operational practices worldwide. Whereas the advancement of intelligent video management systems is still a new concept to many, their utility and specialty are well-evident. Wobot.ai has launched its Cloud-based video management system in this series of video intelligence systems.

The CTO said, “When it comes to monitoring and tracking everyday activities, most industries, and their security teams previously had to rely on human observations and anecdotal information. However, with the launch of the Wobot.ai video intelligence management system, we can streamline their daily operations more efficiently and assist businesses in obtaining long-term business data related to the daily traffic and commercial activities.”

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With the help of innovative computer vision technology, the Wobot.ai video intelligence system is specifically curated to help different sectors enhance their operations. As a result, many businesses can gain a competitive advantage by allowing for stricter security measures and operating methods. Business leaders must take action quickly at current times, mainly when unfavorable circumstances arise, to accomplish their goals.

According to the marketing team, “Our AI-powered video analytics aids with the identification, analysis, and dissemination of discerning patterns in data derived from video streams, as well as the subsequent use of those patterns to support efficient decision-making. Wobot.ai video intelligence software aims to help with the review of hours’ worth of surveillance footage that security people might not have time to see. It will be of any use to you if the footage is successfully captured by your surveillance system and is available for later inspection.”

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