Singapore – Prince’s Landscape Pte Ltd, the leading landscaping company in Singapore is offering vertical green walls to commercial and residential properties. Whether it is a retail showroom or a high rise, the vertical green wall is an innovative approach to introducing nature amidst the concrete jungle.

The company uses quality vertical wall planters, ensuring the healthy growth of the plants. These vertical walls are easy to maintain, assemble, install, disassemble, and reinstall. The technique used by Prince’s Landscape Pte Ltd ensures the user does not have to spend much time tending and taking care of the plants.

Along with green walls, the company also provides clients with exquisite flower backdrops in Singapore to complement the greenery around them. It’s a long-term investment as a green wall can last up to 25 years.

Vertical walls by Prince’s Landscape Pte Ltd come with some unique features:

  • Custom design to suit the client’s needs.
  • Minimal watering of the green wall plants.
  • Ultra-low maintenance ensured.
  • Quick installation due to a modular system.
  • Use of plants that can survive in a tropical climate.

Why choose a vertical green wall?

  • Reduces waste of energy.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Makes the structure sustainable.
  • The space becomes more fire-resistant.
  • Minimizes ambient noise.

The general installation cost for a vertical green wall by Prince’s Landscape Pte Ltd ranges between $200 per square meter and $1200 per square meter, depending on the design, the kind of plants used and the installation process.

About The Company

One of the oldest nurseries in Singapore, Prince’s Landscape Pte Ltd has 50 years of experience in the industry. Started out humbly as a flower shop, Prince’s Landscape Pte Ltd has evolved into a full-fledged landscape design and installation specialist. Prince’s Landscape Pte Ltd is famous for its vertical wall planters, green walls and flower backdrop in Singapore. The company caters to residential and commercial clients as well.

Contact Details

Telephone: +65-6763-7000

Fax: +65-6892-2700

WhatsApp: +65-8838-3479


Address: 53 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 698998

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