Foravi by Marc Saulnier is an organization that is dedicated to protecting and managing forests. Foravi believes that humans and nature should coexist in harmony, which means creating a forest while preserving its biodiversity. The company has committed to ensuring the healthy growth of the land and containing trees at different stages of maturity for a thriving and vibrant forest. 

The Mission Behind Foravi by Marc Saulnier 

Foravi’s primary focus is to ensure that the forests are managed properly for future generations. While it does buy woodlots for management purposes, it also provides services such as logging and timber harvesting to generate revenue from its activities. In addition, it offers consultation services to help landowners create their own personalized management plans for their forests. This includes everything from planning out tree harvests to creating harvest schedules that will maximize yields while still preserving natural resources. 

The Benefits of Working With Foravi By Marc Saulnier 

Working with Foravi by Marc Saulnier comes with many benefits such as cost savings due to efficient management practices as well as increased revenues due to better timber harvests. Additionally, they provide consulting services so that landowners can create their own personalized plans for their forests instead of relying on generic one-size-fits-all solutions offered by other companies or organizations. Finally, they employ knowledgeable staff who are familiar with the latest forestry techniques so landowners can rest assured that their lands are being managed properly and according to best practices. 

A leader in the forestry industry

Today, Marc Saulnier is at the head of more than 12 companies that are making big strides in the fields mentioned above; however, it doesn’t stop there! His creative vision has allowed him to become an innovator in each sector that he is involved in while also setting high standards for quality control as well as safety protocols on every job site he works on. 

Some of his notable projects include:

–  Les entreprises Marc Saulnier:
–  Serenity Navigation par Marc Saulnier
–  Navette Fluviale
–  Gestion Marc Saulnier:
–  Novax Immobilier par Marc Saulnier
–  Elior par Marc Saulnier
–  Bois-Franc Secs – Une Entreprise de Marc Saulnier
–  Domaine TurnBull:
–  La Fondation Marc Saulnier:


Foravi by Marc Saulnier is committed to fostering an approach where human beings and nature coexist harmoniously through sustainable development principles when managing woodlots and forests alike. Marc Saulnier’s commitment to protecting the land helps promote environmental protection, conservation efforts, reforestation initiatives and more – all while providing excellent cost savings & increased revenues due to more efficient logging & timber harvesting processes than traditional methods offer! 

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