Got Suspended has reinstated the accounts of thousands of professional sellers who have had their accounts wrongfully suspended on Amazon and Walmart. Their services help sellers get their client base back so they can continue to succeed.

Having a professional seller account on a giant eCommerce site like Amazon or Walmart can skyrocket a business’s success. Overnight, they can go from minor online traffic to just their website to numerous orders coming in from their account on these popular stores. Businesses can quickly become accustomed to this increase in business, relying on it to keep their company going. Unfortunately, these sites often suspend their sellers’ accounts over the smallest offense. Sometimes sellers aren’t even given a reason as to why they suddenly cannot access their accounts. Their sales take a massive hit without their online store, and they’re left unable to get the account back. 

Got Suspended is working for these businesses to help them get their account and their sales back. With thousands of success stories, Got Suspended should be the first place professional sellers go when their account is suspended. 

Got Suspended’s valuable services and assistance to online professional sellers

Got Suspended works with accounts on Amazon and Walmart, reinstating existing accounts as well as setting up secondary accounts when reinstatement isn’t possible. Each site has its own rules and regulations that could result in suspension, so Got Suspended has a unique approach to both sites to ensure the best results.

For Amazon accounts, Got Suspended offers services for moderate suspensions, difficult suspensions, and professional services. Moderate suspensions include things like a wrongful suspension, listing and detail discrepancies, sale of prohibited products, item condition complaints, order defect rate, business verification, sales velocity reviews, and funds release. These reasons for suspensions aren’t quite as difficult to handle, and restoring the suspended account often comes down to fixing a minor issue. 

Difficult suspensions involve more severe reasons. Expired items, counterfeits, dropshipping violations, code of conduct violations, and more make up this category. These violations can result in financial charges in addition to the suspension and require the professional help of Got Suspended to get through.

When it comes to Walmart accounts, there are slightly different categories for the moderate and difficult suspensions because of differences in the terms of service. Moderate suspensions could be caused by order defect rates, valid tracking issues, on-time shipment rates, and failure to meet Walmart’s operational standards. Difficult suspensions involve issues like returns abuse, IP violations, and offensive products. 


Regardless of the reason for an account suspension or which difficulty category that suspension falls under, Got Suspended can get an account back to save a business’s crucial sales. They submit the appeals and work through these issues to aid their clients in either getting the original account back or getting a new, secondary account set up so they can continue to benefit from these large eCommerce platforms.

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