Rising Star, Lleyton Leonard, Paving the Road for the Future of Basketball 1
At 13, Lleyton Leonard is an emerging talent on the AAU Basketball scene standing 6’4” with a 78-inch wingspan. Becoming quickly known among the top players in his class, Lleyton Leonard will be nationally ranked in no time.

The son of retired NFL Defensive Tackle Louis Leonard and his wife Lacey, Lleyton undoubtedly inherited his parents’ athleticism. When it comes to basketball, Lleyton has already shown great promise as a team leader and an excellent all-around player. One of the top prospects on the scene who can lock down any position on defense; Lleyton is known to destroy the rim.

His ability to deliver consistent results no matter the odds are among the many reasons why he was chosen as one of Arizona’s top prospects in the class of 2028. 

With Lleyton at the front, his team is always in control of the court. His ball-handling abilities and a quick first step usually determine the outcome of the match as soon as it starts. Lleyton Leonard immediately launches toward his targets as soon as the buzzer is signaled, locking up his opponents so that his teammates can reliably score points even when pitted against a vastly more experienced team.

Lleyton’s recent performance at the Valley of the Sun Tournament was exemplary and indicative of his constant growth. He scored 32 points, 2 blocks, and 7 rebounds, which ultimately earned him the title of the Top Performer. 

His dominating presence is felt on the court and his teammates are inspired and encouraged to perform at their best. Lleyton’s impeccable leadership and ability to read the court enable him to make the best of any situation and to leverage split-second decisions to gain the upper hand. 

Rising Star, Lleyton Leonard, Paving the Road for the Future of Basketball 2

Aside from pushing all the boundaries in basketball, Lleyton has a 3.5 GPA, volunteers at Tackle Health’s community outreach events, and will be competing in the district spelling bee in January.

More information about Lleyton Leonard can be found on his official Instagram profile @lleyton_leonard2.

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