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Partnership will enable Sojern to scale-up their Travel Marketing Platform solutions by tapping into PUSHTech’s clients

Sojern, the leading digital marketing platform built for travel, and PUSHTech™, a CRM, marketing automation, sales and support platform, announced a new partnership to better support hotel partners make the most of their first-party data.

“As Google looks to eventually phase out third-party cookies in Chrome, prioritising a first-party data strategy is more important than ever,” said Josh Beckwith, Managing Director, Global Strategic Accounts, Sojern“Our new partnership with PUSHTech and their ability to acquire, educate, engage and support customers from a single platform will allow Sojern to better leverage partners first-party data through CRM integration.”

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With a cookieless world coming, Sojern and PUSHTech’s collaboration will better assist the travel industry in rethinking their data strategies. With 81 percent of hoteliers already seeing a lift in revenue as a result of implementing a first-party data strategy, strategic planning is vital to stay ahead of changes in the digital landscape. Well versed in helping partners build long-term strategies, Sojern’s Travel Marketing Platform grants partners unmatched visibility into travel demand and intelligence for partners to maximise their budget. PUSHTech allows hotels to take control of their database, improve customer communications and increase direct sales.

“Our mission is to help businesses generate more effective, efficient and valuable communications with their customers through the use of automated and intelligent solutions. With a collective goal of better serving the hospitality industry we are pleased to announce our partnership with Sojern,” David Ezquerro, Chief Revenue Officer, PUSHTech. “Working together means we can better maintain our philosophy of continuous innovation in the development of an automated marketing, sales and management platform.”

As first-party data becomes critical to the hotelier’s toolkit the mutually beneficial relationship will enable integration between Sojern’s intelligent marketing platform and PUSHTech’s platform, all while taking a privacy-forward approach to the safe and secure management of partner data. Hotel partners will benefit from maximised campaign performance, stronger customer relationships and increased revenue, overall increasing direct sales while continuously driving profitability.

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