VIDEO: Act-On Invests in Partners, Elevating Sales and Marketing Opportunities for Countless Companies 1

Act-On is broadening its partner programs, empowering more businesses to collaborate in sales, marketing and product integration.

Act-On Software is expanding its collaborative initiatives through the newly launched Partner-On Program.

Act-On’s existing partner ecosystem already includes 100+ stellar companies that work to sell and market each other’s products, including Simpleview, Marketing Guys, Goose Digital and many more. Partner-On will further enable these organizations and future partners to accelerate business growth.

“A lot of companies talk about valuing their partnerships, but we want to really invest in our partners,” said Kate Johnson, CEO of Act-On Software. “Partners provide incredible value to our customers and to our business, so as many companies cut back on their partner programs, we’re growing our partner opportunities instead—their success is our success.”

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Partner-On offers three programs with Act-On Software:

  • Sell-On Partner: focused on partners selling and delivering Act-On’s marketing automation platform.
  • Market-On Partner: focused on joint sales and go-to-market activity, with both sides working to cross-sell to existing customers and pursue new business together.
  • Solution-On Partner: focused on enhancing technical enablement and integration, including services such as custom development, content creation, and fractional or outsourced staffing.

“For us at Act-On, marketing automation is just the beginning,” said Andrew McCraith, Act-On’s VP of Partnerships & Alliances. “We’re embracing the concept of ‘charmony’—or channel harmony. Together, we can help our customers realize their full digital marketing future by leveraging Act-On + Partners to make their dollar go further.”

As Act-On Software continues to grow its success across enterprise, midsize and small companies, its leadership is doubling down on what sets the platform apart: ease of use, accessibility, strong customer support and tangible results to meet the evolving demands on marketers.

“All of our partners compliment each other, helping to create a better business outlook for our respective customers,” said Gregg Ames, Act-On’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Our investment in Partner-On was an easy choice, because we’re better together.”

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