Arthur N. Bailey is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of corporate lawyers across the United States. With more than 50 years of experience in both federal and state courts, he is one of the most experienced and respected civil litigators alive today. He has been attorney for the first-filing Plaintiff or a part of the lead-counsel team of more than one-half of all the “price fixing” class actions filed in the entire United States during the past half-of-a-century—a feat that none other have ever matched. But what makes Mr. Bailey such a legendary figure in litigation? Let’s take a look.

During his career, Mr. Bailey has taken on some of the most difficult cases imaginable and achieved remarkable results for his clients. He has successfully represented numerous individuals and businesses who have been harmed by corporate price-fixing schemes, recovering hundreds of millions in damages for his clients over the years. His successful representation in these cases has earned him tremendous respect from both colleagues and opponents alike, as well as invitations to speak at legal conventions around the world and at more than 40 state bar associations or trial lawyers organizations throughout the United States.

Mr. Bailey is highly respected among his peers due to his exemplary performance not only as an advocate but also as a strategist who can anticipate how juries will react to different strategies used during trial proceedings. He also uses creative strategies that are often outside of traditional approaches to win cases for his clients or settle them without litigation if possible – saving them time and money while achieving favorable results at the same time. Additionally, he has developed methods that have been adopted by many of his peers to increase their chances for success when representing their clients before courts across the country, helping to shape how modern litigators prepare for trials today.

In addition to his accomplishments with price-fixing cases, Mr. Bailey also has an impressive record when it comes to representing individual clients. In 1989 he won the first million-dollar result in Chautauqua County history when he obtained a $1,000,000.00 settlement on behalf of a client; this victory set a new benchmark for personal injury awards in Western New York State at that time. This is just one example of how Mr. Bailey’s expertise extends beyond corporate law to include personal injury law as well; no matter what type of case his clients bring to him, they know they can count on him for sound advice and effective representation every time.

Arthur N. Bailey is truly a legend among litigators—and is one of the most experienced attorneys in the United States when it comes to bringing class action lawsuits involving any kind of price fixing allegations. His knowledge and expertise have earned him accolades from many respected organizations around the world including law firms, universities, state bar associations and trial lawyers organizations throughout North America and, during the past decade, throughout Europe where, in their adaptation of our United States Antitrust Law, they have adopted and even improved as “Competition-Law” on an International basis. All this has made him a sought-after lecturer who provides invaluable insight into winning these cases through creative tactics both inside and outside of courtrooms across North America. If you are looking for an experienced litigator who can help you achieve your goals in these fields, then look no further than Arthur N. Bailey, Esq., a partner in the statewide New York law firm of Rupp Pfalzgraf, LLC.

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