From January 5 to 8 of local time, the 2023 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas, USA. As the world’s largest and most influential annual event for consumer electronics technology and products, CES is an important platform for major technology industry giants to showcase their latest technologies and advocate a new lifestyle, attracting attention from upstream and downstream companies in the consumer electronics industry chain and technology fans from around the world to participate every year.

According to the official statistics of CES, this year’s show attracted more than 3,200 exhibitors from 173 countries, the scale is unprecedented.  As the “main protagonist” of CES,  PC “race” to a new height,  The “black technology” products of the major head enterprises are coming out all the time. The well-known domestic PC and multi-category intelligent terminal solution provider IP3 Technology with its business notebook, gaming notebook, education notebook and other 60 heavyweight products landed at CES, and achieved remarkable results.


At the exhibition, IP3 Technology booth was packed with people and attracted a lot of attention. Disruptive products such as business notebooks, gaming notebooks, educational notebooks, Mini PCs and all-in-one PCs won the favor of many media and visitors, who stopped by to watch and exchange opinions. Based on the global leading technology advantage, diversified product layout and perfect industrial chain, IP3 Technology is committed to providing global customers with higher quality, lower cost and faster delivery of product solutions, helping the PC industry to develop in the direction of high performance and intelligence, allowing global customers to experience IP3 Technology hardcore product strength, and building China’s IT brand influence in the world.


On the evening of January 6, IP3 Technology held IP3 NIGHT at JARDIN Hotel in Las Vegas, USA, attracting many industry bigwigs, partners, intended customers and product enthusiasts to participate. The exquisite arrangement, shocking products, beautiful lighting, mysterious surprises …… site atmosphere was warm and extraordinary, allowing participants to immerse themselves in a feast of technology products.

At the product feast, IP3 Technology linked giant enterprises from different industries and industrial chains to explore a new intelligent era through new technologies and concepts by leveraging each other’s momentum and interweaving. In the future, IP3 Technology will continue to take product development as the engine, adhere to the development concept of advanced technology, quality and value service, and work with partners to seek development and create peak performance.


Gathering product strength to bring peak gaming experience

IP3 Technology has not only created many industry-defying innovative products, but also attracted the attention of countless gaming enthusiasts by putting its outstanding technical strength into the R&D of gaming notebooks.

At the show, IP3 Technology focused on the ARN37A series gaming notebooks, with 16-inch all-AMD configuration, plus 22mm ultra-thin casing design and dual-fan 135W luxury cooling, allowing gamers to unleash their gaming passion without fear of heat problems. The product can support AMD Zen3+ CPU and the latest generation Navi33 DGPU. Navi33 is equipped with 2048 stream processors and the gaming frequency reaches 2222MHz; Zen3+ base frequency is 3.3GHz and the turbo frequency is 5GHz, which will bring users a peak-level shocking gaming experience.

Breaking the traditional educational boundaries to achieve quality resource sharing

With the rise of online education, the scale of smart education market continues to expand. IP3 Technology has been rapidly laying out the smart education product market with its advanced strategic vision. At the exhibition, IP3 Technology focused on the new education laptop series products, which attracted strong interest from global customers.

The 2-in-1 education tablet is thin and light, can support Android, Windows 11 and other systems, IP54 level protection, up to 100cm drop protection, so that the product life is greatly enhanced. Equipped with LTE 4G network, rotating camera, detachable keyboard and stylus design, the convenient and efficient, safe and smooth online learning mode breaks the time and space boundaries that exist in traditional classroom teaching, allowing real-time sharing and interconnection of high-quality resources, further promoting deep innovation in the education industry.

The stunning appearance of Chinese brands represented by IP3 Technology at CES has laid a solid foundation for more Chinese companies to “go abroad”. At the same time, we expect IP3 Technology to join hands with more upstream and downstream enterprises in the PC industry chain in the future to innovate product development and technology innovation, and drive China’s intellectual manufacturing to continuously lead the world trend.

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