The Celo Foundation, which nurtures and promotes the mobile-first, carbon-negative layer-1 Celo blockchain and its ecosystem, reveals a reimagined brand identity and vision designed in collaboration with New York-based agency Red Antler, alongside a series of partner launches and awareness campaigns aimed toward mainstream adoption of Web3 by everyday users around the world.

As the regenerative blockchain making the world a better place, Celo’s new identity features a block system as a cornerstone to showcase the ecosystem’s connection to the world and the transformative impact it enables for un- and under-banked communities and the climate. Complementing this visual system is fluid typography and bold color treatment, with core colors Prosperity Yellow and Forest.

“Brand is often an afterthought in Web3, but mission-driven projects like Celo require attention to storytelling and emotion,” says Deana Burke, the Celo Foundation’s Head of Marketing. “We are excited to launch our new brand identity to garner greater awareness and understanding of Web3, and all those in our community who are building with purpose.”

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As a decentralized, permissionless platform governed by the community, the process of building brand consensus followed months of continued collaboration between the Celo Foundation’s Marketing team, led by Head of Marketing Deana Burke, and active Celo community members, developers, founders, validators, and investors from Rio de Janeiro to Lagos, with over 75 meetings totaling 150+ hours.

“With the rapid growth the Celo ecosystem has seen over the past three years, it felt right to co-create this new brand identity and bring together the people who today shape where Celo is going. I love the result and think it is a true testament to the strength of our community,” says Rene Reinsberg, Celo Foundation President and Celo Co-Founder.

In celebration of the Celo community’s mission to create the conditions of prosperity for all since the mainnet launch in April 2020, Celo’s brand evolution, or #CeloEvolution, sees partner launches from Opera (1/11), a Web3 browser that will integrate Mento stable asset cUSD into its Opera Mini Wallet, available to over 70 million users in Africa, and GoodDollar (February 2023), a Web3 protocol promoting Universal Basic Income (UBI).

On January 12, a one-week NFT auction, created in collaboration with Valora, a Celo native payments wallet, and Arigallery, a mobile-first NFT marketplace on Celo, will debut, featuring eight global artists, including Mercy Thokozane Minah (South Africa), Juan Jose Giraldo Campuzano (Colombia), and Marzia Braggion (Portugal), among others inspired by Celo’s unique mission.

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On January 23, CoinMarketCap will launch videos to educate users around the world about the blockchain’s regenerative ecosystem and how Mento stable assets (including cUSD, cEUR, and cREAL) can be used for real-world application.

Celo will also prominently feature its new branding in a spotlight campaign with Brave Browser, a Web3 leader with 59+ million users and built-in Brave Wallets that provide access to Web3 tools. This follows Brave’s integration of the Celo blockchain in September 2022, which provided Brave users with the ability to engage with Mento stable assets through self-custodial Brave Wallets, as well as with Celo’s diverse ecosystem of purpose-driven, decentralized applications (dapps), including EthicHub and impactMarket.

Concurrently, cLabs, a mission-focused blockchain technology organization and part of the community working on Celo, has been developing a technical roadmap for Celo 2.0 and will be sharing a progress report in the coming weeks for further discussion with the community.

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