Meet Zae CPE – A Rising Competent Artist From Dallas Who’s Enchanting Fans With His Exciting EP Releases

With his love and passion for music, Zae CPE brings fresh, new, and exciting singles to his fans.

With a high obsession to create unique and exciting music for his fans, Zae CPE is committed to standing out among his competitors and becoming a rising face of fame in the music industry. Despite being a new rising artist in Dallas, Zae CPE has garnered a solid reputation and fan base, reaching the heights of success just under a month after releasing his new five singles. Over 200k views have been logged by the famous artist in less than 30 days, and labels are already interested in his music.

Being inclined toward music since his early years enabled Zae CPE to enhance his musical skills, and he released his first five singles on October 21st, 2022. Being in the Hip-hop/Rap industry for less than a month, the Dallas artist has already been recognized by major newspapers and radio outlets. His zeal for reaching the heights of success in the music industry enabled him to stockpile a lot of attention from several eminent artists and prominent figures in the industry. His hard work and determination assisted him in giving several back-to-back hits, including Robbery and others.

Meet Zae CPE – A Rising Competent Artist From Dallas Who’s Enchanting Fans With His Exciting EP Releases 1

Zae CPE shares, “My entire life has been devoted to my career. Due to my commitment to only working with artists that I grew up with and supporting my own, I am surprised at the growth of my numbers. Throughout my life, I have always been a hustler, looking for ways to make money easily while investing for a better future. I was smart but also very street smart at the same time.”

His success is evident from the 200k views for an artist who just began rapping in October and got a lot of success. Over a short period, Zae CPE has come a long way and is contacted by several international media directly to place his music on major playlists with over 500k listeners monthly in Australia, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, and more. In addition to being a public figure recognized by numerous news stations, Zae CPE’s music releases have become a radio success across international borders, including the UK, Italy, Australia, etc.

Having been verified on Google, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other platforms, Zae CPE aims to unleash an EP by the end of February with singles that are yet to be heard but ring through his hometown. Apart from being an eligible artist, Zae CPE is also an exceptional YouTube vlogger and rap cypher artist under the name “Cherry Palace Empire” with local Dallas artists.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Cherry Palace Empire
Contact Person: Zae CPE
Email: Send Email
Phone: (469) 546-5034
City: Dallas
State: TX
Country: United States

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