Rentologie is a fast-growing online rental marketplace platforms, enabling rental businesses and individuals across the United States with rental opportunities.

Millions of consumers are wasting heaps of money on needless purchases while striving to rent cars, equipment, and tools whenever possible. Rental businesses have helped many ease their financial burdens, but everything changed when Rentologie came to the scene – an online rental marketplace enabling its users to rent and lend virtually anything. Rentologie is looking to  disrupt and grow the $20B US rental industry by leveraging the power of sharing economy. 

On Rentologie, users browse and search for rental listings near them. Users unable to find a match would be able to broadcast their search, providing a way for lenders to see what’s on demand. Messaging is built-in to facilitate communication between users. Listing a rental is an easy and quick DIY process, where users only need to fill in a simple form. Ratings and reviews feature promotes the foundation of trust. With its innovative system, Rentologie is changing the way rentals work.

Shortly after its launch, Rentologie quickly attracts rental businesses and individuals to post rental inventories and idling assets up for rent. By providing an avenue for anyone to rent and lend any product category on the marketplace, Rentologie formed a broad matchmaking platform between people searching for affordable products to rent with rental businesses or individuals that own them. Whereas existing rental business and marketplaces have been mostly fragmented and vertical until now, Rentologie is set to be the “one-stop-shop” for anything rental. 

From PlayStation and Xbox consoles, over children’s bikes and electric scooters to sewing machines, tool boxes, power equipment, high-performance bikes, cars, and all kinds of tools, equipment, and goods sitting idly in storage sheds and garages, Rentologie has provided American consumers with an opportunity to put any item up for rent. 

The company’s founder imparted that Rentologie’s vision is to empower prosperity, foster communities, and promote sustainability. Sharing personal and household categories provides passive income for asset owners and economical access to rarely used, scarce, expensive goods for renters. Rentologie also seeks to build meaningful connections between users over their rentals and eventually build communities of common interests. 

Rentologie is thoroughly devoted to sustainability and is encouraging its  users to reduce waste and keep the earth green by sharing products through its rental platform. Stephanie Artati, founder of Rentologie noted “Recent extreme weather events serve as a wake-up call for us that the urgency to tackle climate issues is real and we all can do our part to reduce our waste load by reusing and renting instead of buying. As each available resource is being used more often by more people, we do not need to produce as much overall and there would be less waste going to the landfill eventually”.

With its motto “Do More With Less”, Rentologie is on the mission to democratize sharing economy, making renting and lending accessible to anyone. 

More information about Rentologie is available on the company’s official website.

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