Accidents and injuries on the job can be devastating for workers and their families. When faced with such a crisis, injured workers need an experienced attorney who can help them obtain the full benefits they deserve. As a former defense attorney, Alex G. Abdoulin has additional knowledge to assist injured workers in obtaining all proper workers’ compensation benefits.  This article will discuss how his unique experience gives him a distinct advantage when representing clients.

Alex Abdoulin spent many years as a Defense Attorney.  He is now representing employers and carriers in hearings before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. Alex has argued cases at the Appellate level and obtained several favorable decisions at the WCAB. His vast experience gives him a deep understanding of how insurance companies defend against claims, what strategies they use to deny benefits, and how they value cases.

This insight makes Mr. Abdoulin an aggressive attorney who approaches all his claims with the client’s best interest at heart. He knows what it takes to make sure that his clients get full compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, permanent disability, death benefits and more. Knowing what tactics are used by insurance companies allows him to build strong legal arguments on behalf of his clients while also helping them navigate their way through the complex Workers’ Compensation system.

Mr. Abdoulin also understands that these cases often take months or even years to resolve and he is committed to guiding his clients every step of the way during this process so that they receive all the benefits they are entitled too in a timely manner.

Having served in both roles as plaintiff attorney and defense attorney allows him to approach each case from both angles which may give you leverage when negotiating settlement agreements with opposing counsel or insurance adjusters who are defending claims against employers or carriers who have denied your claim for benefits due to an injury sustained on/off work premises or duties related thereto which could have been prevented if proper safety measures had been taken by your employer(s).  This knowledge gives him an advantage over other attorneys because he knows exactly what needs to be done in order for his clients get successful outcomes from their cases which is why hiring him is highly recommended when dealing with any type of workplace related injury/illness matter requiring assistance from an experienced lawyer specializing in California State Law regarding Workers’ Compensation Benefits Claims and Appeals.

When looking for an experienced attorney who can represent you effectively in such cases, consider hiring Alex Abdoulin – a former defense attorney with additional knowledge about how insurance companies handle claims -to ensure you get all proper workers’ compensation benefits you deserve from your employer(s). With his experience arguing at the Appellate level combined with having obtained several favorable decisions at the WCAB, Mr. Abduolin offers clients peace of mind knowing he will fight hard on their behalf throughout every stage of their case until its successful resolution. He truly puts the client’s best interests first!

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