Faris Khan, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and graduate of Kinesiology, is inspiring thousands of individuals with his passion for fitness. His story of determination and drive began in high school when he joined the track team.

During the conference championship race, Faris was determined to do anything but last place in the 100m dash. While he was doing great, about 70 meters into the race his body began to slow down and he was left in last place.

This prompted Faris to take it upon himself to become the fastest, strongest, and a most explosive athlete so that he would never have to experience such disappointment again. Since then, Faris has poured all of his energy into mastering every aspect of fitness and human body performance. 

He has studied and dedicated himself to becoming an expert on health and wellness and his years of hard work have paid off through his ability to help those around him reach their full potential – both physically and mentally – by sharing his insights on optimal human performance.

Khan has used his knowledge and expertise in kinesiology to help individuals reach their highest potential by providing them with individualized plans tailored specifically for each client’s needs. He helps clients improve their strength, speed, agility, power, flexibility, balance, and coordination through various exercises and activities such as weight-lifting and plyometrics.

Faris’ ambition leads him on a journey larger than personal success; it is one with a mission to spread motivation, inspiration, and guidance for others seeking knowledge about how they can become the best versions of themselves. 

He is able to achieve this through his efforts as a coach for athletes from all levels of play – from youth beginners to professional competitors.

To learn more about Faris and to potentially work with him, then make sure to visit his website here: www.bfworkout.com

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