White Falcon Publishing announces the release of fiction book Furtive Glimpses: Flash Fiction from the Arab World – A Small Anthology 1

White Falcon Publishing is proud to offer Essam Al-Jassim’s debut work Furtive Glimpses: Flash Fiction from the Arab World – A Small Anthology to the public, hitting bookstores everywhere on 11 January 2023.

Furtive Glimpses: Flash Fiction from the Arab World is a collection of translated flash fiction: vignettes, short-shorts, and short stories. In the Arab world, flash fiction is a relatively new art form, only appearing during the second half of ‎the ‎twentieth century in certain Arab countries. However, it has swiftly become a vibrant genre ‎in ‎contemporary Arabic literature and has gained widespread ‎publication in most ‎Arab literary magazines. In this book the translator aimed to provide English readers with a sampling of the best ‎modern ‎Arabic ‎flash ‎fiction. He has ensured that more than twenty countries in the Arab world ‎are ‎represented.

In this eclectic anthology the reader will encounter love and betrayal, ‎sadness and joy, horror ‎and intrigue—emotions that reflect our shared humanity. Some stories ‎are touching, funny, or just slices of everyday life, but they all are like limpid pools of life’s wisdom. You may peer into their depths—briefly or at length—and come away enriched. This is ‎exactly what literature is supposed to be—a glimpse into the pool of life, be it only a brief and furtive one. These stories achieve in a few words what many a novel can barely hint at with ‎thousands more.

The translator, Essam M. Al-Jassim, has published several translations in major literary journals in most English-speaking countries: the USA, England, Canada, New Zealand, India, Ireland, and Singapore. In addition, his translated short fiction has appeared in major literary journals, such as Columbia Journal, The Malahat Review, The Chattahoochee Review, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Asymptote Journal, Litro Magazine, Denver Quarterly, Shenandoah Literary Magazine, and Fiction International, among others.

The book is available for sale –

Furtive Glimpses – Flash Fiction from The Arab World – A Small Anthology

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