The podcasts provide insight into the major issues of society to spread awareness and help people overcome challenging scenarios.

Since podcasts are an excellent way to learn more about major issues and common interventions in society, Raquel Garcia, 26, steps in to launch The Realness Lounge Podcast, an authentic and reliable podcast show highlighting social issues of the day. The Realness Lounge Podcast on YouTube has 410 subscribers and highlights several topics, including drug addiction, therapy, mental health issues, and many more.

The podcast channel is gaining popularity for highlighting the importance of focusing on authenticity and having deep conversations to help people evolve and outgrow life challenges. The idea behind launching this podcast was to provide people with a platform from where they can get guidance on serious issues and get the motivation to recover from them. Using his years of expertise to tackle common mental health issues in the podcast, Raquel Garcia aims to assist people in managing their anxieties and get encouragement to perform their day-to-day activities effectively.

“With our user-friendly platform and intuitive tools, we make it easy for our clients to showcase their work. Together we can make a difference. We offer powerful tools to overcome depression and anxiety, most rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy techniques in our podcasts. We have a true passion for each of our guests and strive to deliver the message of encouragement and positivity to assist our viewers to evolve developmentally,” says Raquel Garcia. 

Each episode tackles mental health questions from listeners and interviews mental health experts and is meant to provide viewers with extraordinary clinical and human insights. The Realness Lounge Podcast offers practical and versatile tools to help people cope with mental health issues, which can help them better channel their emotions. Getting positive feedback for assisting people to grow from challenges, the Realness Lounge Podcast stands out as a podcast that brings attention to sensitive topics people are usually reluctant to discuss while comforting them by ensuring they are not alone in their struggles.

From a minute experience to a life-changing event, there is a story that you can relate to. Your feelings are validated because the stories you hear and their struggles relayed to you are true to life. You may even find and interact with other people with the same experiences listening to the same podcasts. You will need to hold on to hope and believe things can improve. You can listen to our podcasts that reinforce your hope and motivate you to continue living for the better,” adds Raquel Garcia. 

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