An inspiring book of self-help, truths, and strategies, Life Skills for the Journey shares profound wisdom to help transform the lives of individuals into journeys of wholeness, personal growth, and fulfillment.

Life Skills for the Journey: Identify Essential Life Skills That Matter with 5 Successful Approaches by Gloria Sloan is a transformative personal development book designed to help anyone—regardless of age, background, or gender—achieve personal and professional success. The book introduces readers to essential life skills that matter with five successful approaches: get to know yourself, tell your story, determine your best skill, know the power of your values, and build a community of influence. With a distinctively joyful and mindfulness-based approach, Sloan unearths powerful, intellectual, and revelatory teachings that empower readers to discover the remarkable uniqueness of their best self.

My life was transformed when I aligned my habits with self-knowledge to continue learning. It was a redefining point that optimized my productivity, business, personal growth, and my happiness. I self-developed and beat the odds of merely surviving to thriving,” says author Gloria Sloan. With decades of business management experience as the founder and CEO of Personal Dynamics, Inc., Sloan is deeply passionate about helping others create, explore, and honor their true desires. As an inspirational, engaging speaker, Certified Life Coach and author, Sloan’s mission is clear, with an ultimate goal of helping others live the life of their dreams. “Ultra-successful people never stop reaching for new heights, learning new skills, and finding fulfillment. They believe in personal development. Living a grateful life with appreciation inspires me to tell my story bringing hope that it will help others on their journey.”

This book is organized into five main sections, each with a concept, clearly presented and deeply explored. Sloan paces her information beautifully, interspersing quotes from the bible and famous authors, summarizations, life lessons, and questions for consideration. The style allows readers the time to fully absorb the concepts being presented. Sloan’s well-cultivated advice touches on aspects of business, religion, economics, philosophy, psychology, and more. She provides holistic wisdom rooted in healthy mindsets, beginning with what fulfillment looks like for the reader as an individual and continuing on to delve into the importance of growth mindsets, emergency preparedness, discovering your passions, and more.

Life Skills for the Journey has been endorsed by some of the most well-renowned experts, authors, and reviewers around the world. Highly sought-after motivational speaker, Les Brown says, “Life is not a sprint, it’s a journey and you want to be prepared for it. Each chapter will take you on the journey of self-awareness…to upgrade your skill set…your mindset and your relationships. Gloria Sloan has outdone herself…make sure you get this book, it will dramatically change your life.” In addition, reviewer Carolyn Lepore writes, “Gloria expertly structures her writing to encourage readers to discover the meaning and direction of their lives. Her exercises are designed for self-discovery and truly inspire others to improve upon their journey. She uses her own personal experiences as well as that of others to serve as examples for what it truly means to successfully navigate a purposeful life.”

Life Skills for the Journey is a proclamation to the world. Stop selling yourself short. Stop undervaluing your skills. Learn, grow, and take pride in your accomplishments. This book aims to solidify foundations of confidence by encouraging a shift in rudimentary ideas taken for granted every day. The book is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores. Readers who are looking to step into the power of their authentic selves and create an extraordinary life are encouraged to purchase their copy today:

About the Author

Gloria Sloan is the CEO of Personal Dynamics, Inc. She is an author, certified life coach, strategist, and speaker with forty years of business management, workforce development training, and hospitality procurement proficiency. She works with organizations, groups, and individuals planning, consulting, and implementing successful outcomes and results. The inspiration and essence of her published work focuses on personal growth and fulfillment in life. Gloria demonstrates and mentors passionately her belief that self-directing your life skills and learning supports a strong foundation to achieve heightened performance, empowerment, awareness, and transformation.

Gloria offers solutions that motivate greatness from her insights and applied knowledge. She is author of two books, Life Skills for the Journey: Identify Essential Life Skills That Matter with 5 Successful Approaches and Abundant Faith: Secrets to Plenty Traveling on Life’s Journey. To learn more, please visit:

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