MX Hub, the revolutionary convergent tech accelerator inspired by SoftBank’s strategy of consolidation of leaders in the Healthtech, PropTech, AI, and sharing economy sectors, has seen impressive progress in just two months since its creation.

One of the major achievements of MX Hub is the consolidation of assets into the Metabook Sharing Economy platform, which aims to do revenue sharing with agents in tens of countries, promoting the innovations of MX100 startups. This strategy is a key component in building a global Revenue Sharing Digital Economy, led by top influencers and powered by the most appealing innovations.

The top success story is, Bloxbytes has listed in top 100 metaverse innovatorsby the metaverse spectrum and Vaival Technologies have received yet another prestigious leadership award, further solidifying the effectiveness of MX Hub’s accelerator program.

MX Edtech Rating, the only rating of its kind with proven results, is also a key component of MX Hub’s success. The MX 100 Rating event, which was postponed for March to include global leaders in emerging technologies, is based on factors such as team leadership in tech and business, scalability of startups, presence in international markets, and commercialization of products. The final stage of the rating process includes voting from an expert panel of global top experts, such as Adiv Baruch, Dr. Robert Goldman, and fintech influencer Brett King.

MX Hub’s mission is to accelerate the growth for top-rated startups, and with their impressive achievements in such a short period, it’s clear that they are on the right track.

About MX Hub

MX Hub is a Dubai (UAE) based global gateway for emerging startups and post- revenue companies that provides tailored one-stop acceleration solutions. It is a first-of-its-kind phygital platform that offers a unique physical space that is supported by a virtual twin version with multifunctional options, VIP meeting spaces and chat rooms. Newswire

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