LOS ALAMITOS – A group of highschool students from Orange County in southern California create a youth-driven initiative to globalize healthcare equity through international aid and education ran completely by students. Their goal: To inspire like-minded youth to take action and change the world.

“Solving healthcare inequity is something that’s meaningful to me because growing up, I remember delivering hygienic supplies and food to the local homeless community with my grandma and little sister, and that really instilled a sense of responsibility and was the exigence for my passion in service” said Nathaniel Yee, a 15-year-old highschooler at Los Alamitos High School, and founder of Healthcare Humanity. “I vividly remember encountering a countless amount of homeless people that were living on the streets because of medical expenses and a broken healthcare system, and that was the moment where I really was inspired to embark on this journey for activism” Yee explains.     

The U.S. spends approximately $2.8 trillion on healthcare annually, significantly more than any other country in the world – and yet thousands of individuals still suffer from healthcare disparities within the United States. Healthcare Humanity also strives to make changes beyond the limits of the United States; already established in various nations, the organization has provided opportunities for other young advocates around the world to recognize and make a difference addressing the constantly growing issue that is healthcare inequity. 

Through a dedicated and sustained effort, youth activists of Healthcare Humanity have been able to establish chapters across the United States, Bangladesh, the UAE, China, and Nepal, each doing their part to address healthcare issues and educate teens in their region.  Collectively, the organization fundraised life-changing surgeries for people in third-world countries who lack access to health-related resources. They have also partnered with homeless shelters and other non-profit organizations around the world to donate hygienic supplies for homeless individuals. Most recently, they announced their new expanded effort in women’s health, in hopes to aid women around the world through the donation of feminine hygienic supplies. 

As an international non-profit organization started and run by high school students, Healthcare Humanity aims to expand beyond its chapters, becoming a household name in youth activism and paving the way for the future of global healthcare.

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