The Secrets to Growing Interior Design Businesses

It’s tough being an interior designer going from client meetings to checking in with contractors and suppliers. Often there just isn’t enough time in the day.

That’s the big reason why Casa Digital Media was a big game changer in the profession last year, says the company’s CEO and Founder, David Hatton.

“It’s really all about using systems, processes and automation as much as you can in strategic ways,” he explains. “We spoke to interior designers and asked what they enjoy doing best. Overwhelmingly, they told us they loved designing their client’s spaces, but didn’t enjoy the administrative side, like following up with new leads, going back and forth scheduling calls and asking for testimonials and referrals after each project is finished.”

“This can save a lot of time so interior designers can focus on what they love doing best and growing their businesses.”

The Casa Digital team acts as a social media manager, designing social media posts with captions and hashtags, setting them up on a scheduler well in advance and responding to people who are interested. If the person doesn’t answer right away, there is a series of automated responses to “nurture” that lead until they do want to meet with the interior designer.

“This allows interior designers to focus on what they do best and nobody slips through the cracks. We hired the best professional copywriter we could find to write those email follow ups,” says Hatton. “Once the lead is ready to schedule with the interior designer, our system will book them into their calendar and even collect a fee for the consultation if appropriate.”

Hatton says last year was incredible for the company and they continue to look at ways to go even farther this year for their clients. “We are looking into artificial intelligence tools like Chat GPT for writing blog posts or website copy. This is a company that will continue to grow and amaze everyone moving forward.”

“Just watch us.”

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