Agility Celebrates Breakthrough Year, Named High Performer in G2 for Headless CMS 1

Agility, an API-first composable Content Platform, celebrates breakthrough year, is named High Performer in G2 for Headless CMS.

Agility, an API-first composable Content Platform, has achieved several major updates in what has been a milestone year for the company.

In 2022, Agility released Plenum, a modern user interface that revolutionized the classic look of the platform. Also launched was the brand new management API that allows users to update and interact with the backend configuration of their content to provide more flexibility and automation options.

These updates and other customer-driven accomplishments have propelled Agility to the forefront of the composable and flexible architecture movement, going beyond the headless CMS space. This strategy further solidifies the company’s position as a premier content platform for unique digital content requirements.

Looking ahead to 2023, Agility plans to double down on its mission as the go-to solution for unique content needs. Agility reiterates its commitment to listen to each customer and to be there with their customers every step of the way in their planning, implementation and development of their content solution.

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We are thrilled to have had such a successful year and be recognized as a high performer by G2. We are continuing to innovate and provide the best content platform for our customers’ unique needs.”

— Joel Varty, CTO at Agility

Agility will continue to further enhance its customer in-platform experience with their upcoming 2023 releases, including:
• Content modeling that visibly tracks the evolution of their content models and page module schemas
• A markdown editor field that provides a convenient tool for developers and markdown users
• A robust app marketplace that facilitates users with extensive tools and integrations to enhance their content management experience

These milestones will continue to build upon the success of Agility’s recent updates, including the integration with Next.js 13, which allows users to quickly build high-performance server-rendered applications.

Additionally, in keeping with its focus on unique customer needs and development, the company is relaunching its partner program to better cater to the specific challenges of its growing customer base.

“We are thrilled to have had such a successful year and to be recognized as a high performer by G2,” said Joel Varty, CTO of Agility CMS. “Our users are loving the new Plenum UI, while developers are taking advantage of our new management API. Plus, our updated Next.js 13 SDK has generated a lot of excitement – it’s a super powerful framework that Agility takes full advantage of. Moving forward, we are continuing to innovate with lots of announcements coming in 2023! Our goal is to provide the best content platform to fulfill all of our customers’ unique needs.”

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