Author Kim Blackwell Continues Sharing Her Story of Recovery in Her Newest Release, "My Walk with God Continues: Life After Stroke"
Kim Blackwell’s newest release, “My Walk With God Continues Life After Stroke,” is the author’s second book dedicated to helping those who have suffered the effects of a stroke. Blackwell’s faith in God is the guiding force in her recovery, and she willingly shares her own experience in order to guide others to believe and keep moving forward. Blackwell’s latest work is a follow-up to her book titled “From Stroke to Recovery My Walk With God: A Guide to Recovery.”

“Kim shares her story of faith and perseverance in the midst of trials and tribulation.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

Fourteen years ago, author Kim Blackwell suffered a stroke and lived to share her story with the world. She attributes her recovery and continued good health to her faith in God. Sharing the story of her amazing life in her newest release, My Walk with God Continues: Life After Stroke, Blackwell gives readers the advice they need to handle their recovery, but she also tells readers how to fight a desperately flawed system.

Readers say Kim Blackwell’s first book is “a moving and inspiring testimony to the faithfulness of God.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

About the Book:

By all rights, Kim Blackwell should never have survived the stroke that took her by complete surprise 14 years ago. At the age of 51, Blackwell was an active, healthy, and busy 51-year-old woman with a successful career. She was doing everything right, and a stroke was the last thing on her radar. When a sudden, crippling headache forced her into the hospital, Blackwell was told she had suffered a massive stroke. The next few months proved to be a true test of her strength and determination. Along the way, she made discoveries about not only her health and the factors that may have contributed to her stroke, but she learned the importance of believing in and acting on the Word of God. Encouraged by loved ones to share her story, Blackwell has written and released two books detailing her journey. Her newest release is My Walk with God Continues: Life After Stroke.

An Amazon reader shares that Blackwell’s first release is “…an excellent spiritual book, that I am so glad you shared with the world.”  ~  Amazon 5-Star Review

About the Author:

Kim Blackwell is a Christian woman who loves art, likes to travel, and enjoys the company of her dog Princess. In 2008, when she suffered a stroke, she defied the odds and made a miraculous recovery. In 2017, she wrote her first book, From Stroke to Recovery My Walk With God: A Guide to Recovery. She wrote it to tell her story and help others avoid the unnecessary pitfalls she experienced as she rehabilitated. Now, Blackwell uses her company My Walk With God to provide information and resources to help people who are in the process of illness recovery and want to get their lives back on track. Her second book, My Walk with God Continues: Life After Stroke, continues her story and her encouragement of others.

“The journey of this woman is just remarkable.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

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