Affordable benefits are now available for employers through Care Anytime. With numerous features and great rates, their employees can gain medical benefits.

Being able to provide benefits to employees can aid greatly in employee satisfaction and retention. Even if not required, based on business size or an employee’s status as a part-time employee, having those benefits in place for them builds a better relationship and adds to the overall positivity of a workplace. For some employers, however, this is very cost prohibitive. When they’re already working hard to pay a good wage and are a small business, even if they want to aid their employees, they may not be able to. 

Care Anytime shares that goal with those smaller businesses, and they provide a great option to give good medical benefits to employees at an affordable cost to the employer. 

The benefits available with Care Anytime

Care Anytime is a great way for employees to save on medical and healthcare expenses when an employer cannot provide health insurance. The benefits through Care Anytime give them discounted rates for numerous healthcare expenses so that they are affordable and accessible for those employees. Although it doesn’t replace the requirements for health insurance with certain government regulations, it’s a great option for businesses that are smaller than the required threshold or who have part-time employees. 

Care Anytime’s benefits include eight different items to help employees with their medical and healthcare needs. The first item is virtual physician care. Through the Care Anytime membership, employees get access to licensed physicians via virtual appointments 24/7 and 365 days a year. The best part? There is no copay or additional cost to the employee for these visits. They can be treated for all kinds of non-emergency care needs, such as fever, allergies, UTIs, or the flu. 

Mental health is incredibly important, and Care Anytime provides virtual mental health care. 30-minute appointments allow employees to speak with licensed therapists regarding issues like grief, depression, and anxiety. 

For employees with pets, Care Anytime has virtual pet assistance. Available 24/7 and 365 days a year, veterinarians can consult at no cost to the employee on non-emergency issues regarding an employee’s furry friend. 

When it comes to non-virtual health care, Care Anytime gets members anywhere from 10%-80% off laboratory services. Dental procedures receive a 20%-50% discount with participating offices as well as great discounts and rates on vision care. Hearing needs are also heavily discounted between 35% and 70% at over 6,000 providers. 

Members even receive discounts on Swanson vitamins and supplements at up to 25% off. All of these great benefits and discounts add up and can help an employee take control of their physical and mental health for the better. 

Unlike health insurance plans, Care Anytime is made to be affordable to employers. It’s only $39 a month for the employer, making it possible for them to give their employees the benefits they want.

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