ClearDATA Achieves HITRUST Risk-Based, 2-Year Certification to Improve Customer Security Posture and Compliance 1


HITRUST version 9.5.1 certification enables ClearDATA’s healthcare customers to maintain the highest standards of privacy, security and compliance while pursuing cloud innovation

ClearDATA, the first comprehensive provider of healthcare-specific managed cloud, compliance and defense services, announced their proprietary CyberHealth platform has earned Certified status for information security by HITRUST – enabling customers to stay compliant and secure, all while accelerating healthcare innovation.

ClearDATA’s HITRUST version 9.5.1 certification offers inheritable controls, ensuring the highest standard of security for customers

HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year (r2) Certified status demonstrates that ClearDATA’s CyberHealth Platform has met key regulations and industry-defined requirements and is appropriately managing risk. This achievement places ClearDATA in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have earned this certification. By including federal and state regulations, standards and frameworks, and incorporating a risk-based approach, the HITRUST Assurance Program helps organizations address security and data protection challenges through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls.

HITRUST version 9.5.1 certification, which encompasses ClearDATA’s CyberHealth platform and managed services, includes generating reports mapping to HIPAA controls and requirements, the ability to select regulation subparts and the ability to map requirements to policies as evidence to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

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ClearDATA is leading the pack in successfully achieving its fifth HITRUST certification, including the version 9.5.1 certification, ensuring its customers have access to the most rigor possible when it comes to safe and compliant innovation in the public cloud. ClearDATA’s most recent certification equips the company with a wider array of inheritable controls, enabling customers to demonstrate their own commitment to the highest standards of security, with the option of pursuing their own HITRUST certification on a more aggressive timeline.

“Healthcare organizations are continually under pressure to adhere to evolving compliance and privacy requirements including HIPAA, the HITECH Act, NIST, GDPR, CCPA, CIS and more. Many need to be HITRUST certified, inherit HITRUST or work with HITRUST certified vendors,” said Chris Bowen, Founder and Chief Information Security Officer at ClearDATA. “We want to streamline and clarify the process for our customers to achieve HITRUST by offering them inheritable controls through our healthcare-specific cybersecurity solution — ultimately saving them time and money, while protecting sensitive patient data.”

“In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, HITRUST is continually innovating to find new and creative approaches to address challenges,” said Jeremy Huval, Chief Innovation Officer, HITRUST. “ClearDATA’s HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year Certification is evidence that they are at the forefront of industry best practices for information risk management and compliance.”

“It’s difficult for healthcare leaders to be compliance or security experts, as HIPAA guidelines and CIS frameworks are extensive and ever-evolving,” said Rick Froehlich, Chief Executive Officer at ClearDATA. “That’s why, at ClearDATA, we’ve baked thousands of regulatory, legal, and technical inputs right into the CyberHealth platform. Now, with HITRUST version 9.5.1 certification, our customers have the freedom to innovate in the cloud, backed by the confidence in the highest levels of security and compliance.”

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