Conversational AI Innovator Leads the Way in Integrating Large Language Models (like OpenAI’s GPT-3), Exclusive Beta Program

Cognigy, a market leader in Conversational AI, announced that its platform, Cognigy.AI, will be enhanced with Generative AI, or Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT-3, to augment Conversational AI deployments. The adoption of Generative AI will help to further transform enterprise customer service and contact centers by creating advanced conversational experiences and driving efficiency.

Generative AI solutions have skyrocketed in recent months. As one example, ChatGPT, which was built by OpenAI on top of GPT-3 and made available for public testing on November 30, 2022, crossed one million users within one week of its launch.

As an AI company on the forefront of building contact center solutions, Cognigy is already taking Generative AI to the next level of practical deployment. Generative AI-powered Conversational AI solutions augment bot authors so they can now create better bots in a fraction of the time. Cognigy is focused on using Generative AI to support bot authors and improve conversations.

“Generative AI combined with traditional Conversational AI platforms can deliver value that extends far beyond what each component can deliver alone,” said Philipp Heltewig, co-founder and CEO at Cognigy. “We see tremendous value in leveraging LLMs in a way that augments human tasks rather than operating autonomously. With our integrated approach, brands are now able to benefit from a better customer experience and lower cost to serve through the use of Generative AIs.”

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Cognigy has identified three key areas where Generative AI has an impact today when coupled with Conversational AI:

  • Enhancing the user experience through advanced AI-powered conversations that are tailored to the individual’s context and preferences.
  • Improving agent performance by leveraging the capabilities of language models in natural language understanding and generation.
  • Streamlining the development and deployment of enterprise-level conversational bots, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

“This is only the beginning,” continued Heltewig. “We see a future where Generative AIs will be powering and orchestrating end-to-end conversations. 2023 promises to be a year of transformation when it comes to how bots are deployed and how they augment our lives. This is truly a game changer for businesses.”

The Cognigy.AI platform enables next-generation customer service with a suite of solutions, including Conversational IVR, Smart Self-Service, and Agent + Assist. Cognigy.AI enables enterprises to deliver 24/7, personalized service experiences at scale, on both voice and chat.

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Beta Program, Webinar

Cognigy is offering its customers the opportunity to help shape the future of Conversational AI by joining their exclusive, limited beta program. Users will get early access to Cognigy’s Generative AI features as they are released to build out their Cognigy.AI virtual agents.

To learn more about the benefits of coupling Generative AI with Conversational AI to overcome the challenges of implementing LLMs, Cognigy is hosting a webinar on January 26th. Titled, “POWER UP Your Contact Center with Generative AI and Cognigy.AI,” the webinar will provide insights into various use cases of LLMs in Conversational AI, a hands-on demo of Cognigy’s embedded Generative AI services, and the opportunity to register for the exclusive beta program.

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