Hebei Lanwei Imp.&Exp.Co., Ltd. get Gold Plus Supplier Assessment Certificate.

At the beginning of November, 2020, Hebei Lanwei Imp.&Exp.Co.,Ltd joined the Verified Supplier launched by Alibaba

Gold plus Supplier is a high-quality supplier verified by the authoritative strength of Alibaba Platform. Through the combination of online and offline, the platform carries out authentication, verification and transmission of merchants’ all-round strength, such as enterprise qualification, commodity qualification and enterprise ability.In addition to the services of exitone members, members of Jinping-Cheng Enterprise also enjoy exclusive marketing rights, exclusive front scenes and rich tool rights.

Since July 1, 2018, Jinping-Cheng Enterprise has become a star customer special, and only Chinese suppliers with merchant star rating of 1 star or above are eligible to purchase.Star-level customers who buy Jinping-Cheng enterprises will enjoy the following 8 rights and interests:

1. Strength identity: buyer side full link strength transmission, star customer identity at a glance

2. Exclusive Popular shop of Jinpin-Cheng Enterprise: home page of popular shop with high degree of identification, free trial of official popular shop template, multi-dimensional display of category information, improve buyers’ purchasing experience

3. Full scene factory inspection: authenticated by authoritative company, multi-scene real scene display, immersive, trust multiplied

4. Benefits of sub-accounts: Account management of the platform will be upgraded, and additional benefits of 5 sub-accounts will be granted

5. Industry gameplay: The same conditions are preferred at the site event venue

6. Marketing privilege: Exclusive right to buy exclusive advertising products for diamond Exhibition

7.  Enterprise version of data steward: customized, data insight power, know yourself, know the industry, know competitors

8. Enterprise customer Pass: multi-store customer information integration, healthier customer management, more accurate follow-up

Now is the era of big data, especially for e-commerce companies, which need the support of big data, cross-border e-commerce is no exception.We are constantly improving and improving, we will serve customers with more professional technology.

original source: https://www.hbkingmetal.com/news/we-get-gold-plus-supplier-assessment-certificate/

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