LoginRadius Launches CLI for its Enterprise Dashboard 1

Leading CIAM solution provider introduces CLI for developers to manage the flow of its Enterprise Dashboard.

LoginRadius, a leading provider of consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solution, announced that its platform now offers a CLI (command-line interface) that will help developers streamline their work through a conventional yet robust interface.

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The latest feature will help developers conveniently code through a quick CLI and access LoginRadius Enterprise Dashboard with a single command. Once logged in, developers can perform other operations and configure their LoginRadius Application through CLI. The interface is helpful in scenarios where developers need to access app credentials, reset security key, update password, or need to generate SOTT through LoginRadius CLI. Moreso, the LoginRadius CLI is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

“We have launched CLI for our enterprise dashboard for developers who prefer working on terminals. LoginRadius CLI simplifies operations on the dashboard since developers can perform different operations and can manage the flow of LoginRadius Enterprise dashboard seamlessly”, says Deepak Gupta, CTO of LoginRadius.

With the LoginRadius CLI, developers will get the best user experience coupled with great speed and flexibility. It will help developers who want to access their accounts and manage their logins more easily. The feature is fast and easy to use and it feels more like working with an old-school terminal than a modern GUI. Since, it is available on all major platforms, developers can use it wherever they want. To stay up to date with LoginRadius Identity product releases

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