Connecting historical fiction authors with readers and vice versa.

The start of the new year presents more opportunities for the Historical Fiction Company to unite lovers of historical fiction, both authors and readers. Historical fiction has always been a point of fascination for many people, offering a literary taste and exploration of historical stories. The Historical Fiction Company is a worldwide recognized go-to site for historical fiction books, reviews, book awards, and more. The company focuses on offering the best of the genre by catering to readers’ needs, from mindset to philosophical angles.

As technology takes center stage in every sector, the online bookshop has created an inviting nook that allows readers to discover some of the best-written historical fiction. The site also caters to authors’ needs, helping them get their books editorially reviewed and receive recognition and awards for their work. 

The Historical Fiction Company is dedicated to providing compelling original historical fiction content in the genre and its sub-genres. Lovers of Historical Romance, Historical Time Travel, Historical Fantasy, Historical Mystery/Suspense, Historical Biography, and alternate historicals are right at home. “We aim to provide a hub for lovers of historical fiction – authors, writers, and readers.”

On the Historical Fiction Company’s website, readers can browse libraries of historical books, which feature a short description of the book, an excerpt, an introduction to the author, and a link to purchase the book. The site is optimized to provide the best experience for historical fiction authors and readers. Besides featuring historical books, the Historical Fiction Company also promotes books, allowing authors to be featured in ads that boost the discovery of their work.

Historical Fiction Company invites authors to have their books editorially reviewed and enter the 2023 Book of the Year Contest as part of its author support and recognition. With a prize pot of $1000, the historical fiction awards will feature 16 award categories with work judged on story arc, uniqueness, writing craft, character development, storyline, and more. The editorial reviews for historical novels are carried out by HFC reviewers, who then give the historical fiction book a star rating for the contest. Details of the contest are available on the website.

Over the years, Historical Fiction Company has emphasized communication by leveraging social media platforms to spread its message and love of connecting historical fiction authors with readers and vice versa. Historical fiction bookshop has an in-depth blog that features historical fiction book reviews, award-winning book contest information, and winners and author spotlights. On Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and a 6000+ member Facebook club, Historical Fiction Company shares its library and information on awards, events, promotions, and upcoming releases. To expand its reach, Historical Fiction Company is set to launch a historical fiction podcast in March.

Visitors to the website can discover more information on books and historical fiction literature. People can also purchase Historical Fiction Company merchandise on the online store. Historical Fiction Company embraces the ever-evolving interests of historical fiction fans and continues to provide a one-stop site that unites readers and authors. For more information, visit Historical Fiction Company.

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