The new book Podcast Now from Mr. Podcast – Rasmus MP – will help new and experienced podcasters to save a tremendous amount of time when they do a podcast.

Thanks to a new formula for every step of the podcasting process you can have your highly professional podcast running every week – including christmas and holidays – and you will not be using more than 3 hours every month!

Mr. Podcast is an experienced journalist and podcast producer with twenty years of experience in the industry. He has worked with the biggest Danish public service media companies, such as the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Radio24syv, and Radio LOUD.

He has held various positions at these companies such as CTO and Head of Podcasting where he was responsible for assessing over 100 different podcast concepts and deciding whether or not to purchase them.

Additionally, Mr. Podcast also had a hand in nurturing dozens of new podcasts from 0 to success while at Radio LOUD where the weekly download numbers went from around 10,000 to close to 100,000 within a few months.

Thanks to his vast knowledge on creating, planning, producing, hosting and publishing podcasts, Mr. Podcast has written a comprehensive guidebook titled “Podcast Now” which is available for free on

This book provides readers with useful tips on having their own podcast up and running in two weeks while simultaneously saving them time once it’s live. It goes into extensive detail about all aspects of podcasting – from how to measure success through analyzing data to what audio equipment one should use for their show.

To make sure that readers are successful with their venture into podcasting, Mr. Podcast gives actionable advice on topics such as sound quality production, audience engagement strategies, and monetizing tactics so that anyone can create podcasts that will keep listeners hooked from episode one.

Furthermore, he outlines best practices when it comes to pre-show preparations as well as post-show follow-ups, so that podcasters can maximize their visibility when launching shows and increase their long-term success rates by finding out what works best for each specific case scenario.

Overall, “Podcast Now” is an invaluable tool for anyone who is looking to enter into the world of professional podcasting by providing clear instructions on how one can create high quality content, while efficiently managing both technical details and financials throughout its entire process.

Get your free copy of “Podcast Now” here:

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