How This Young Man Became A Millionaire Whilst Travelling To 40 Countries 1

Nathan Shantz is a Canadian entrepreneur who left his corporate job at the age of 25 to explore the world and take up new business ventures.

How This Young Man Became A Millionaire Whilst Travelling To 40 Countries 2

He grew tired of slogging away for Corporate America. He wanted to break the conventional lifestyle and create an alternative one for himself which he did by travelling to over 40 countries in his 20s.

His remarkable success story started when he founded two businesses which he took public with more than $100 million capital raised. By 30, he had become a millionaire and was also in excellent physical shape which further validates his point that leaving Corporate America can be beneficial for health and wealth creation.

Nathan has recently joined Yale’s MBA program where he is building ventures in the healthcare space. He is committed to addressing the issues related to employees’ health and healthcare plans through technology, data, and intelligence.

To this end, Nathan has launched Advocate Health, a company that helps employees navigate their healthcare options better by advocating on their behalf. With Academic Capitalist – his new YoutubeTM channel – Nathan delivers podcasts and videos on topics such as startups, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design and wealth creation for people interested in taking control of their lives.

How This Young Man Became A Millionaire Whilst Travelling To 40 Countries 3

His unique approach towards life shows that it’s possible to create an alternative reality if you have will power, ambition and a desire to not just survive but thrive in today’s world. Nathan’s story is sure to inspire many people who are willing to break free from societal norms but don’t know how to go about it due to a lack of the resources or appropriate guidance available at hand.

With all of his own experience Nathan should be considered a valuable asset by anyone wanting financial freedom or seeking help with creating an alternate lifestyle, tailored specifically towards success and fulfillment.

He’s now on a mission to inspire young men (age 16-35) who are looking to level up in their wealth, health and lifestyle.

To learn more about Nathan and his mission, then make sure to visit his channel on YouTube:

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