In a world of distraction and depression among our younger generations, two best friends have turned to action sports as a way to make a real difference in people’s lives.

The pair of friends, locally known as The Venice Beach Rat (Will) and Coyote Rob, grew up with a passion for action sports and harbored dreams of becoming professional athletes. 

While they eventually faced major injuries that caused them to change their career path, they decided to return to their passion and founded Dogtown Skateboard Lessons – the top skateboard school in Los Angeles. Their goal is to help kids gain character traits that will set them up for lifelong success.

Will and Rob believe that learning how to skateboard is more than just an athletic activity; It’s about developing resilience, perseverance, and confidence through the process.

They understand that achieving any kind of success requires taking risks and continuous effort despite failure. So they’ve created a unique skate program that prioritizes safety and fun during progression. They methodically get kids out of their comfort zones so they can improve at an individualized pace.

Will and Rob’s time-tested learning process has allowed them to service thousands of lessons each year. They work with all ages and skill levels – from young kids with short attention spans to adults who think they’re too old to learn something new.

In addition, Will and Rob love a good challenge so they strive every day to discover new ways of helping clients succeed regardless of age or ability. With an emphasis on fun as well as safety, Dogtown Skateboard Lessons provides people with the opportunity for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Venice Beach.

Learn more about their mission here:

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City: Venice
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