Divorce is one of the most challenging experiences a person can go through in life. In fact, it’s determined to be the second most difficult experience in life next to losing a loved one. In addition to the emotional heartache and stress it involves, there are also daunting practical considerations that must be taken into account. As long as there have been marriages, some marriages just don’t work out. And as long as there has been divorce, there has been the stereotypical antiquated battle that ensues where two individuals who once loved each other enough to vow until “death will you part” set out to destroy each other financially and emotionally through the court system upon falling out of love. Isn’t it about time there was a better way? Well, there is now.

Divorcing your spouse should not be something that should be taken lightly or heaven forbid, navigated alone. Professional Divorce Coach & Relationship Specialist Cindy Stibbard passionately believes that in order to change the devastating way that divorce has typically been experienced, those going through, and even those just thinking about it, need the right information, guidance, and support to prevent the all too common costly mistakes made and pivot towards attaining a smoother, and less emotionally and financially devastating outcome.

Investing in a qualified Divorce Coach at the very beginning of the process, even when you are only just thinking about it, can not only save you time and a bundle of money, it will help pave the way to ensure you keep the process within your control and do it all in a much more rational, sensible and cost-effective way. Cindy’s experience in thoughtfully helping those who are only considering divorce find clarity to strategically navigating the entire divorce process is pivotal. From teaching you how to have the hard conversations, to unhooking yourself emotionally from sound decision making, to assisting with effective and cooperative co-parenting strategies, to empowering yourself not only to survive divorce but thrive as a result, Cindy’s approach has proven invaluable to hundreds of individuals and couples during this momentous transition in life.

Cindy says her work ensures that her clients have their needs met in a compassionate yet empowered way that helps them make smart, thoughtful, informed decisions about their future.

Cindy works tirelessly to assess her clients’ unique situation from all angles; making the invisible visible. This includes being available to her VIP roster of clients at the drop of a text any time they need her to ask a question, bounce an idea, express a concern, ask advice, vent or to seek an empathetic ear. Her multidimensional approach supports her clients with reviewing documents, preparing for legal meetings and/or mediation, communicating with divorce professionals and a potentially high conflict ex-spouse, creating a solid parenting plan and assessing shared parenting arrangements and teaching effective co-parenting strategies to make sure the children remain first and foremost in this process.

No matter what path is chosen moving forward, Cindy serves as an experienced guide who’s compassion and empathy for her clients coupled with her deep knowledge of the process can assure a reduced risk of making costly decisions based on heightened emotion, overwhelm, fear or just an overall lack of knowledge.

The goal of her work is not only to guide her clients to the best possible outcome for themselves and their family, but to also equip them well as they transition into their new life in a beautifully powerful way with grace and dignity intact.

Having an expert on who understands the many sides of your situation at hand at any moment not only helps put things into perspective but provides the much needed and missing guidance throughout every stage of divorce until everything has been settled successfully. Working with Cindy has been commonly described by her clients: “She’s like that good friend who you know has your back, who has your best interest at heart yet holds you accountable and calls you out on your BS in a gentle way.” Cindy is in your corner to redefining your life and your experience every step of the way.

To learn more about Cindy Stibbard and how she would be an integral player in changing the experience of your divorce, follow her on Instagram @divorceredefined, LinkedIn, check out her Podcast: “Changing the Experience of Divorce” on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Stitcher and anywhere podcasts are streamed, or send her an email directly at cindystibbardcoaching@gmail.com.

And if you want to see if this is a fit for you, be sure to book a Free 30 Min Discovery Call – https://divorceredefined.as.me/discovery-call

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