The Mindset Game by Matthew Lawrence Scigousky
Matthew Lawrence Scigousky is pleased to announce the release of his new self-help book, The Mindset Game.

Would you like a roadmap to make positive changes in your life?

We do not determine the cards we are dealt in the game of life but we can determine how we play them. If you are looking to make real change in your life then this book is for you! The material is designed in workbook fashion giving step by step instructions, real life examples, and worksheet exercises. The common theme is how people think and using the power of your mind to change your life. You are unique and no one else is like you. That makes you special! I want to help you unlock all the greatness inside. Your mind is the most powerful super computer on the planet. Stop programming it with garbage and learn to write and program your mind with only the best thoughts that bring all the good stuff.

This book is Power Packed with six how to guides plus a special bonus chapter to bing it all together. There are three sections on how to manifest things, overcome challenges, and face your fears. Changing your Mindset is about having direction and purpose. Waking up everyday with excitement and drive to pursue your goals. I want you to live life to the fullest and be able to tackle anything that comes your way.

Ready To Change Your Mindset? Here’s what’s included:

Guide 1. Identify Only Opportunities When Problems Arise

Guide 2. Start Over and Flourish after a Loss or Failure

Guide 3. Find Your Purpose and Prosper

Guide 4. Discover Abilities You Never Thought You Had

Guide 5. Turn Your Adversities Into Assets

Guide 6. Develop a Mental Plan of Action

Special Chapter 7: Bring it all Together Guides and Worksheets

A Roadmap to Achieving Greatness and Living Life to the Fullest

About the Author

Matthew Lawrence Scigousky was born in the Chicago suburbs. In many ways he was born into adversity. At six months old he had both legs in cast and was misdiagnosed with MS. As it turns out a spinal tumor was the real issue. He underwent multiple surgeries on his left leg and spine all before the age of ten. This left him with a permanently deformed left leg to go through life with.

There was a choice made at a very young age by Matthew. “You can do whatever you set your mind to no matter the circumstances”. This became embedded in his soul and has only gotten stronger throughout the years. He became a competitive ski racer in middle school and learned to adapt and compete in other sports such as wrestling in high school and track in college.

After earning his degree in business from DePaul University. Matthew embarked on a career in medical device sales becoming the youngest sales rep ever hired at Stryker Medical earning rookie of the year and rep of the year in his first two years. After 28 years in the business and working for other companies such as Merit Medical and Cardiva Medical he has amassed four rep of the year honors, over a dozen president club awards, and multiple other awards in sales achievement.

Outside of business Matthew enjoys athletics and works out five to six days a week. Most mornings start at 4:30am. Pushing his body to do things in the gym with one leg most cannot do with two.

The same principles in this book Matthew has applied and uses in his own life. He maintains a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Inspiring others to find their true potential and become their best selves has become a passion for Matthew. In his own words he has been truly blessed. His disability is really a gift and if you ask him he would not change anything that happened. He would not be the man he is today without his left leg.

His true mission in in life is to pass on all he has been blessed with, to share with others so they may find the same benefits he has. The real gift in life is in giving and there is no better gift than to lift others up and show them a way to live an abundant life.


The Mindset Game is available for purchase at Amazon

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