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WiseBoard, the online whiteboard for teaching and tutoring, is proud to announce the launch of its new feature: Export and Save Whiteboard Content. With this new feature, teachers and tutors can now export the content of their whiteboards and save it on a local computer.

WiseBoard, founded in 2021, is an innovative web-based whiteboard software designed to make teaching and tutoring more efficient and productive. It allows teachers and tutors to create whiteboards with interactive content, and students to easily access their educational material. WiseBoard provides a variety of drawing tools, a built-in video chat, and screen sharing capabilities for a teacher to communicate with students.

The new export feature allows students to use their studying material more efficiently. They can now save the drawings on their whiteboard and revise them later, if needed. For teachers, this feature makes their work more productive as it allows them to easily reuse whiteboard content.

“We are very excited about the launch of this new feature”, said Sarah Tan, CMO of WiseBoard. “We are confident that it will make teaching and tutoring much easier and more efficient. With this feature, teachers and tutors can now save time by reusing their whiteboard content, and students can get more out of their studying material.”

WiseBoard is constantly looking for ways to improve its product to make teaching and tutoring as easy and efficient as possible. The company is eager to hear feedback on its new feature and is constantly working on improving it.

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