Langley, BC – Nathaniel King launched a Kickstarter campaign to help his friend, Paul Kotieno support his community in Kenya. The fundraiser plans to help get a vehicle that will be later used to support all the community members.

The goal is to provide a self-sufficient source of income for his community and a cost-effective transportation method for community members to the hospital. Any remaining funds will be used for the community as needs arise, whether that means supplies for agriculture, freshwater, or medicine.

Historically, the climate of Homa Bay is extremely susceptible to drought, increasingly intensified by climate change, making freshwater shortages a frequent and devastating problem for Paul’s community. This leads to crop failure and reliance on unsafe sources of water, creating hunger, disease, and other health issues. The reality of extreme poverty makes obtaining resources to fix or avoid these issues difficult or impossible.

The founder, Nathaniel King, is convinced that a vehicle like this will greatly help the whole community. “Paul lives in Homa Bay, Kenya, where he works alongside members of his community to grow food and provide themselves fresh water, medicine, and education. A means of transportation will be a useful addition to their community.”

This Kickstarter fundraiser has the potential of helping a self-sufficient community in Kenya. By contributing you are becoming part of the solution and you can be sure that your donation will be used not only to provide a vehicle for Paul to help his community but also supplies if needs arise.

For more information, please visit their Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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Company Name: The Kotieno Community Project
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Country: Canada

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